The Aceman EV Concept from Mini is transformed into a Pokemon fan’s dream vehicle.

The custom Mini Aceman concept debuts a Pokemon mode that truly puts Pikachu in the spotlight. When enabled, the mouse-like rodent (yes, it really is a mouse) takes control of the primary dashboard display and transforms it into a dynamic depiction of your car’s statistics. The element of the Pokemon, represented by lightning bolts on the in-cabin projector, feels like a natural fit for an all-electric vehicle like the Aceman.

However, this particular version of the concept differs from the one that was shown in July in one more way. The Pokemon Aceman concept adds an exterior projector that you can use to watch or rewatch Pokemon shows, provided, of course, that you have the proper circumstances, such as an extremely dark area and a flat surface to project the video on. This goes beyond how the interior can be themed to match Pikachu and its surroundings.

The Mini x Pokemon collaboration is undoubtedly intriguing and might serve as a model for how future automobiles can more readily turn into advertising opportunities. It would be virtually as customizable to instantly alter the mood inside the cabin by switching themes as it is to personalize smartphones and PCs today. While the Pikachu-themed Aceman doesn’t actually have any built-in activities that could endanger drivers and passengers, it does convey a certain sense of play. Of course, if you had the ideal location, you could certainly connect a console or computer to the outdoor projector to play games, which could make long journeys more enjoyable.


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