The 18 Weirdest Subscription Boxes Available

For almost anything these days, there is a subscription package. The convenience and joy of having items you enjoy or items you didn’t even realize you wanted delivered to your house once a week or once a month for a predetermined price is unbeatable. In fact, a person could certainly get by on the best subscription boxes alone, surviving off of delectable meal kits, chic clothing sets, and other things.

However, if you’re prepared to pay a regular charge and take a chance, you might get some genuinely peculiar boxes. Here are some strange subscription boxes to look into, whether you’re trying to start a new niche interest or stock your home with conversation-starting collectibles. Don’t claim that we failed to warn you.


The books you receive from Adult Coloring Monthly are far more sincere than what you might imagine when you hear the words “adult coloring book.” Intricate monochrome drawings of genuine towns, gorgeous creatures, and peaceful natural landscapes can be given color for $12.50 each box. make an error? There are digital copies of your printed sheets that you can print as well. Even colored pencils are given to devoted subscribers.

When the world ends, we most likely won’t be able to rely on the post office or other such services to provide necessities. The $50 monthly Apocabox gives you access to all the pre-doomsday goods you need, from specialized survival items (hygiene kits, edible bugs) to simply a plain knife.

Cannabox, which offers a variety of ganja accessories for about $30 per month, satisfies your illegal stoner fantasies. Future generations won’t find anything odd about receiving bongs, pipes, rolling papers, and other marijuana-related items in the mail because legal marijuana is unquestionably the way of the future.

Do not feel guilty about loving beautiful feline companions. You receive everything you need from CatLadyBox to pamper both you and your feline friends. To receive catnip toys, hoodies with cat ears, cooling racks in the shape of cats, and other purr-fect presents, subscribe for $40 a month.

Almost anything you usually receive in the mail is less useful than toilet paper. After all, you’ll always require it. 24 rolls of three-ply toilet paper are delivered by Cloud Paper for $28 each package (with 350 squares per roll made from sustainable bamboo). A family of cartoon bears just passed out from happiness somewhere.

The most meta entry on this list is right here. Cratejoy is a marketplace for innumerable other subscription businesses; it is not a standalone subscription service. Most of these entries were discovered by exploring Cratejoy’s rabbit holes. Cratejoy provides the resources you need to do that if you’re also interested in making and selling subscription boxes in addition to just purchasing them.

Bigfoot is definitely real; we can just not yet demonstrate it. Let’s spend $40 a month geeking out on various mythological creatures and cryptozoological theories as we wait for him to ultimately make his presence known. Get posters and artwork to decorate your study, or invest in books and films that “tell the truth.”

Purchasing automotive accessories is not strange in and of itself. It practically must be done. To subscribe to a business like GloveBox, a $32 monthly subscription box devoted to all things automotive, however, needs a true gearhead. With the help of GloveBox’s affiliate sellers, you can get all the auto cleaning materials you require at reduced prices.

Finally, a chicken subscription box. Henny Roo is the service for you whether you manage a chicken farm or attempt to raise roosters in a huge city. What is required of chicken farmers? What about egg poaching cups, nesting box liners, and delicious corn feed? The birds are valuable, but the box only costs $41 a month.

In addition to providing plants that breathe fresh life into your house, a $28 Horti box also connects you to a friendly community eager to share knowledge about how to take care of those plants. If you learn how to care for the natural environment around you, you could eventually not even need the box.

Compared to the other boxes on this list, Letters From Dead People operates a little differently. You can order a year of monthly boxes with clues to help you solve a greater, frightening mystery for a one-time payment of $155. It resembles an escape room somewhat. The most horrifying ploy is that these hints are supposed to be psychically translated letters from the late 1920s, written by the deceased in New Orleans.

monthly delivery of fresh pickles for $25. There are only three types of pickles: garlic, kosher, and “small-batch, premium pickles.” The pickle box is there.

If you work on a computer all day, Rad and Hungry offers a fresh, practical method to get back to the foundations of writing. You can get all kinds of cool office products, including retro pens, fashionable notebooks, and elaborate desk organizers, for $25 per month.

Skulls Unlimited provides a wide range of bone-related goods and services, including the sale of actual and fake animal and human bones as well as the acceptance and cleaning of customer-supplied bones. With so many bones sitting around, it makes sense that the business began providing the $25/month Bone Package, a subscription box filled with its goods. Place a few ghosts in your closet.

Join the Slime Box Club if you want goo delivered to your door without anyone suspecting anything. You and your children can experience so much gooey, slimy, drippy, colorful fun for $30 per month that even Nickelodeon would blush. They receive sweets as well, but make sure everything is safe before letting your children eat anything.

Who doesn’t enjoy thinking creatively? When you require Taco Bell, you require it immediately. Fortunately, a Taco Bell Taco Lover’s Pass costs $10 per month and entitles you to one taco every day, no questions asked. Additionally, you get access to the exclusive, secret taco menu. Subscription services followed quickly after Taco Bell began hosting weddings.

Turntable Kitchen offers fantastic cuisine and music for $25 each month. Try out brand-new singles from emerging musicians on upscale vinyl albums and on digital mixtapes. Although you won’t get a whole meal kit, you will get creative recipes together with one or two high-quality components. Avoid choosing a membership that only appeals to one of your senses.

You literally have to spend money to make money with Venture in History. You can get paper money from all over the world valued at least $20 per month for $18. So, whether you’re an expert on foreign money or an international spy who never knows where they’ll land up next, think about taking a look at this box.


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