Ten functions of your Google Pixel that you’re underutilizing {Video}

Along with day-one updates, the Google Pixel series offers a variety of features that you either haven’t been using or should use more frequently.

The simplicity of Google’s internal idea of what the mobile OS should be is one of the main reasons supporters adore the Pixel series, even if there are Android variants with more features available. Additionally, you benefit from features that are exclusive to this app, such as improved Assistant integration and many more.

We made an effort to eliminate several choices that should be clear, such as Call Screen and Hold for Me, since they are marketed as significant selling points. We continue to stick with alternatives that you might not even be aware of. Here are some of our favorite Pixel features that, in our opinion, don’t receive enough attention or discussion.

Video 10 Google Pixel features youre not using enough Delete multiple apps at once Screen blackout at night Audio adjustment Rules Quick screenshots, image sharing, and text selection One-handed mode Smart Lock Driving mode Video 10 Google Pixel features youre not using enough 0 Video 10 Google Pixel features youre not using enough 1 10 Google Pixel Features You Aren’t Using Enough (Video) Video 10 Google Pixel features youre not using enough 2


You don’t have to spend hours attempting to remove unwanted apps one by one from Pixel phones or any other phone that has Files by Google installed. Instead of taking the time to locate the app, access the individual app settings, and then click the Uninstall button, this time-saving method is fantastic if you want to remove space-hogging games and apps all at once. In conjunction with some of the other tools in Files by Google, you may quickly and easily target the most useless apps on your phone and uninstall them altogether.


Even at the lowest brightness settings at night, an Always-on display can be annoying or dazzling, despite the fact that its advantages far exceed its disadvantages. Disabling this function on your Pixel is an easy fix. You may set your Always-on display to turn off while you’re sleeping with the help of Digital Wellbeing controls.

This is as simple as toggling the option, and during the designated hours the Always-on display will be turned off, provided that you have a Bedtime mode routine established. It restarts and functions as it should once your alarm sounds. In the event that you dislike charging your phone overnight or simply forget to do so, there are also some possible battery-boosting advantages here.

Adjusting the audio

Even if you don’t frequently listen to audio or view videos on your phone, being able to adjust the sound balance on your Pixel is a useful function to have. The Pixel 5 series, which has a terrible under-display earphone speaker that just can’t get loud enough, will find this function to be of particular use. This does apply to any Bluetooth or cable audio hardware that is attached, so you should only experiment with it occasionally.


Pixel Rules feature

While Tasker is without a doubt the undisputed monarch of Android automation, you might only need some simple automated capabilities. You may automate simple tasks using some simple tools provided by the Pixel phones’ Rules feature. You can only change the settings for your ringer volume and Do Not Disturb mode, so don’t expect complete device management.

You can choose between Wi-Fi or GPS location as triggers. Yes, this is not a comprehensive list and it is not a time-saving tip for everyone. However, it’s a fantastic addition that lets you create rules for your home, office, or any other setting you choose.

Quick Screenshots, Image Sharing, and Text Selection

Although this is actually three items combined into one, stick with us because they are all activated in the same way. Android 11 adds a few potent new toggles to the Recents app menu, and Android 12 adds several intriguing time-saving features that, chances are, you’re not using as often as you should.

Starting with the toggle for quick screenshots will be helpful for everyone straight now. You can quickly take a screenshot of the app you are currently seeing by pressing this when you slide up into the main app preview carousel.

It avoids tapping the power button while simultaneously pressing the volume key to view the program in fullscreen. With compatible apps, you will still need to use the key combination technique in Android 12 to get scrolling screenshots. However, sharing content across apps and services in this manner happens quite quickly.

The selection tool has a little bit more power thanks to some clever tactics you might not have known it had. You may quickly and easily locate any on-screen text by tapping the Select toggle. Even though that alone is a fantastic upgrade, it also comes with several other cool features thanks to Google Lens and the Assistant.

When you highlight foreign material, you could be asked to translate it into your native tongue. Additionally, contextual cues like Copy, Share, and Search are available. The latter launches the Google app and performs a highlights search.

Additionally, the Recents menu now contains more contextual features, which is a benefit available only to Android 12 users. You can tap the little picture icon to easily copy or save an image if an app or website has images. When you drag the icon down, a tiny share sheet appears, allowing you to send a message directly to a contact or to the app of your choice. A rapid hyperlink tool is also available, allowing you to copy links from websites or, like with the image-sharing tool, drag them to a pop-up sharing sheet.

Pixel one-handed mode feature


The Pixel didn’t get a dedicated one-handed mode until Android 12; however, it’s a nice feature to have and one that you probably don’t use as frequently as you should. Each year, it is harder to reach and touch the top of your phone’s screen due to the growth of mobile devices.

Even if you don’t use the Pixel’s one-handed mode much, it’s still worthwhile to turn it on. To access anything that was previously out of your reach, simply swipe down on the navigation bar. Although not always beneficial, it is nonetheless handy because no-hand gymnastics are required to access all areas of app UIs.

0 for Smart Lock

Try utilizing Smart Lock if you’re tired of repeatedly entering your PIN or fiddling with your Pixel 6’s occasionally erratic in-display fingerprint reader. Even while the feature has been available for a while, not all Pixel owners use it to speed up the process of unlocking and using their phones.

You can pick from a few settings using Smart Lock. On-body detection can detect whether your Pixel is in your pocket or in your hand by using the device’s sensors. To avoid having to enter your PIN or utilize biometrics while at home or another location of your choosing, you can configure the feature to use trusted locations. Alternatively, if you are using certain Bluetooth accessories, a trusted device can disable the PIN and biometric requirement.



Except in situations where you require turn-based navigation assistance, using a phone while driving is not only pointless but also risky. Although Android Auto and Android Automotive do help reduce some dangers, cutting out distractions is still the best course of action. Fortunately, Android features a built-in Driving Mode that can instantly turn on when you’re in a car.

There are a several ways to activate this extension of the Do Not Disturb mode. Your phone can tell if you’re on the road or moving at a specific pace. If you connect to a Bluetooth item in your automobile, it may also toggle. It’s a terrific method to put an end to distractions while maintaining access to Google Maps, and calls, texts, and other notifications are put on hold until you reach to your destination.

PAUSING APP It is easier said than done to get rid of distractions. The Digital Wellbeing suite contains a feature called Focus Mode that you can modify to disable your most distracting apps since Android 9 Pie. All app alerts will be muted while it’s active till the timer expires.

That’s excellent for weekends and evenings, but you can just pause an app on your phone when necessary to swiftly and efficiently mute it. Simply long-press any app to reveal the hourglass icon. Tap this to fully mute the program till you unpause it if you try to open it again.



No matter what technology you use, you should always have access to a reliable VPN. A free VPN is available to Google One subscribers at the 1TB storage tier ($9.99/month). This also works with other VPN services, and for extra protection, you can even prevent any internet connections unless they are made through a VPN service. Depending on the VPN provider you use, your data rates and network performance may change, but it’s a reliable solution to improve device security when using known, untrusted, and mobile data networks.

WHAT PIXEL FEATURE DO YOU THINK IS UNSUFFICIENTLY MENTIONED? What is your preferred lesser-known Google Pixel feature or function? Do you use any options that you feel could use further consideration? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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