Telegram is experimenting with sending many stickers at once.

Users of Telegram may soon be able to transmit several stickers at once. The business seems to be testing this service with a small number of Premium subscribers. It is unknown if the function would continue to be behind a barrier or if free Telegram users will also have access to it.

A wide variety of distinctive emojis and stickers are available in messaging apps. You can express your messages and emotions more expressively using these animations. However, there’s a reason why stickers aren’t as popular as emojis. Stickers and text cannot be combined while replying to a message in-line. Maybe even two stickers cannot be used in a single message. Only a solitary response can be sent for these items.

However, emojis can blend in with a text response. Emojis can be sent in groups, either with or without text. Now, you can even mix two emojis in some messaging apps to make your own special animations. It seems like Telegram wants to give users new sticker usage options as well.

Advertisement Telegram Beta version 8.90 reportedly allows users to transmit numerous stickers at once, according to an Android Police report . As part of an in-line response, stickers can be used alone or with text. Using this function, a user posted a screen capture of them mixing random stickers from various packs into a single message. There doesn’t seem to be a limit to the number of stickers you can send at once, much like with emojis.

The source in this case is a Telegram Premium user, which is the catch. The messaging app’s free edition does not have access to the feature. It appears that the business will only make this feature available to Premium members. We’ll keep an eye on it and let you know as soon as we learn more.

Numerous other unique benefits are offered with Telegram Premium. A recently released subscription service called Telegram Premium makes extra Telegram features accessible that are not accessible to free users. The texting app’s advertising are removed with the $4.99 monthly membership. Additionally, it grants you access to exclusive stickers with full-screen animations, additional emojis, personalized app icons, animated profile images, a Premium badge, lengthier message bios and larger message captions, as well as many other advantages.

Advertisement The number of files you can email has doubled from the free version and is now limited to 4GB. Additionally, you can add more public links, folders, and favorites, as well as follow more channels. We’ll have to wait and see if sending multiple stickers at once will be yet another feature reserved for Telegram Premium users or if it will be made available to all users.


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