Taste Brazil from Home with the Best Brazilian Food Youtube Channels

Let’s explore the Brazilian streets and sample some of their renowned street food. The matter is, how? We already know the answer, which is why we asked. No, we won’t provide you with free travel to Brazil. We have the top YouTube channels for Brazilian food that can show you how to prepare while taking you to the country’s streets.

The native inhabitants of Brazil have traditionally eaten meals from the Brazilian cuisine. The country’s large immigrant population has had a significant impact on Brazilian cuisine. It has a tincture of Japanese cuisine, but also of European, American, African, Asian, and other cuisines. Deasilex has compiled a list of the top YouTube channels for Brazilian food.

Exotic Birds 18, Everyday Brazilian Food, Nado Cuca, RESTIN Brasil, Brazilian Cusine, MasterChef Brasil, Nhac GNT, and Paola Carosella are the best Brazilian food YouTube channels.

These are the top Brazilian food YouTube channels to subscribe to if you want to learn more about the country’s delectable cuisine and travel through its streets.

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Brazilian Food Youtube Channels - Brazilian Food
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Ceviche peruano cooking lesson in Cusco The most popular Brazilian cuisine YouTube channels with the most views and subscribers in Brazil are shown below in detail.

18 EXOTIC BIRDS A Brazilian food YouTube channel called Exotic Birds 18 is run out of Portugal. The channel is run by a Brazilian, who evaluates various Brazilian foods alongside his dog. He is the best Brazilian vlogger with 45.5 K Subscribers thanks to the distinctive approach that YouTube allows for vlog production.

45.5K subscribers
Place: Portugal
Added On: September 24, 2015
Views: 18,941

FOOD FROM BRAZIL EVERYDAY One of the top Brazilian food YouTube channels, Every Day Brazilian Food was founded in 2016. Since the day it was created, the channel has consistently delivered high-quality programming. This weekend, you can teach yourself how to prepare good, delectable Brazilian cuisine and please your family.

146 subscribers
Place: Brazil
Date of Entry: December 23, 2016
Views: 2,114

BY NANDO CUCA One of the top Brazilian food YouTube channels is Nando Cuca, which is maintained by a Brazilian named Nado Cuca. Brazilian designer Nado Cuca relocated to London in 1989 and remained there ever since. He posts vlogs on Brazilian food on YouTube. He not only reviews food but also imparts cooking lessons for Brazilian cuisine.

7.71K subscribers
Place: London
joined on November 7, 2006
Views: 1,545,207
username on Instagram: @nadocuca
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Brazil’s Restin RESTIN One of the top Brazilian food YouTube channels is called Brazil. It was launched in 2018, however even though there aren’t enough subscribers, the channel is the most fascinating culinary channel in Brazil thanks to the views on various statistics. The Brazilian cuisine vlogs on YouTube will show you how to prepare everything from appetizers to sweets and everything in between.

728 subscribers
Added On: June 14, 2018
Views: 21,800

Brazil’s medicine Another nascent YouTube channel featuring the best Brazilian food is Brazilian Cusine. The channel’s videos on numerous delectable Brazilian cuisine are its most well-known productions. Despite the fact that the channel was launched in 2018, there are just five videos posted there. 11,542 views have been attained thanks to these five videos. According to these statistics, the youtube channel is the best in Brazil.

94 subscribers
Added On: December 26, 2018
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Brazilian MasterChef One of the top Brazilian food YouTube channels is MasterChef Brazil. Given that it is the official YouTube account for the MasterChef Brazil Program, it is the ideal channel to subscribe to. The channel, which launched in 2015, currently has the most views on YouTube among food channels. The channel has published evaluations of Brazilian cuisine written by chefs and also offers cooking lessons.

4.02 million subscribers
Joined On: October 17, 2015
Views: 2,338,494,437
Username on Instagram: @masterchefbr
Contact for Business: {email protected}

GNT NHAC A Brazilian food YouTube channel is called Nhac GNT. that produces food films featuring well-known Brazilian cooks. Rita Lobo, Rodrigo Hilbert, Claude Troisgros, and Felipe Bronze are the chefs in question. In addition to these, there are many others, like Raza Costa, Ju Ferraz, Dani Noce, Tabata Romero, and Mohamad Hindi. Through this YouTube channel, you may learn how to prepare delectable Brazilian cuisine directly from the experts.

1.82 million subscribers
Date Joined: 4 August 2015
Views: 199,325,332
username on Instagram: @crispmichele

ROSELLA PAOLA The best Brazilian food YouTube channel is called Paole Carosella, and it is run by Paola Carosella. In her spare time, Paola Carosella, a director of gastronomy films, creates culinary videos on YouTube with her husband. Her movies are unique in that she prepares Brazilian meals using things found in the average household. Her channel has received formal recognition from Youtube.

1 M subscribers
Added on July 13, 2009
Views: 26,963,919
Username on Instagram: @paolacarosella
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CONCLUSION The top Brazilian food YouTube channels were those. The chefs who work there are almost universally in charge. If you enjoy eating Brazilian cuisine, you must subscribe to their website since they will show you how to prepare delectable Brazilian food at home.

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