Take Advantage Of $174 Off The Bose Soundlink Revolve (Series II) Bluetooth Speaker

The Bose Soundlink Revolve (Series II) is currently only $174, which is a rather uncommon discount. You will receive a $45 discount off the item’s standard price.

Bose items are rarely ever on sale, thus this is an unique sale. Therefore, a reduction of even $45 is worthwhile.

A 360-degree speaker from the firm, the Bose SoundLink Revolve (Series II), is a first for Bose. It has a soft-touch plastic top and is manufactured of aluminum. giving it a distinctly different look and feel. allowing it to sound absolutely fantastic while doing so. And it is the most important factor when it comes to speakers.

Advertisement You’ll hear excellent quality music with the Bose SoundLink Revolve (Series II). It is equipped with Bose branded audio. This also has some excellent bass and some crystal-clear mids and highs. Like some other speakers out there, the bass isn’t overbearing, which is actually a good thing. More clarity will be there in the music than on other speakers as well.

You can expect to receive about 12 hours of use out of the Bose SoundLink Revolve (Series II) on a single charge. Given how strong the Bose SoundLink Revolve (Series II) is, that is actually quite good.

The SoundLink Revolve (Series II) is water-resistant thanks to Bose. with an IPX4 rating. It can therefore withstand a few splashes but not being submerged. So it’s good to take it outdoors in the rain, but don’t throw it in the pool.

Advertisement Finally, Bose does provide stereo mode pairing of two SoundLink Revolve (Series II) speakers. So you can buy stereo speakers here for $300 if you so choose.

Right now, Amazon is offering the Bose SoundLink Revolve (Series II) portable Bluetooth speaker for for $174 by clicking here . But act quickly because this pricing won’t be available for long.

Bose SoundLink Revolve (Series II) – Amazon


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