Surface Duo 2 from Microsoft hasn’t been discontinued; stock will arrive soon

Due to supply issues, Microsoft is having trouble keeping Surface Duo 2 in stock. After Windows Central hypothesized about a potential end to sales, the company confirmed this in a statement. Recently, the item has stopped showing up on store shelves.

The stock of Surface Duo 2 devices is being impacted by supply problems. Microsoft stated in the statement that the product is not being retired. The corporation gave no additional information regarding the return of the stock. However, it implied that the Surface Duo lineup will endure. The company continued, “We are encouraged by customer enthusiasm and will continue to update and innovate on this form factor.

The Surface Duo 2 has not been discontinued, according to Microsoft. The Surface Duo 2 was introduced by Microsoft in September of last year. However, a year later, it’s difficult to find a dual-screen phone on the market, particularly in the US. Both the company’s web site and independent retailers are sold out of it. According to reports, Best Buy removed dedicated Surface Duo 2 kiosks since their stock was exhausted. All of this gave the impression that Microsoft would be phasing out the product, either in anticipation of a new model or weak sales.

Advertisement But the narrative took a slightly different turn. It has been challenging for Microsoft to secure suppliers for the Surface Duo 2’s hardware and components. It’s a special phone that needs components that are developed especially for it. The company’s source diversification is probably somewhat limited. And it’s possible that the world’s ongoing political and economic problems have disturbed its supply chain. Perhaps the situation remains unchanged, therefore it is unable to specify a time frame for the Surface Duo 2’s restocking at this time.

However, rest assured that Microsoft’s foray into Android handsets isn’t over. According to its most recent declaration, the Surface Duo 3 is on the horizon. Though it might not happen this year, it will someday. According to rumors, the company intends to abandon the dual-screen design in favor of a single-screen folding smartphone similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4. It is uncertain whether the change will be made on the Surface Duo 3 or a subsequent model.

The Surface Duo and Surface Duo 2 are currently prepared to receive Android 12L. According to reports, Microsoft is about to complete verifying the software for the two phones. The general rollout might start in the upcoming weeks. At the upcoming Surface event on October 12, perhaps the business will reveal the significant update and other things. We’ll keep you informed.


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