Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO, informed staff today that the company will slow down hiring for the remainder of the year as a sign of the times and in response to other tech companies .

Update 8/11: According to Business Insider , Google has added another week to the initial two-week hiring restriction. It occurs after Pichai reaffirmed at the end of July that overall productivity is not where it should be for the head count we have. As stated by CNBC :

He challenged workers to contribute to the development of a more mission-focused, product-focused, and customer-focused culture. Consider ways to cut down on interruptions while actually raising the bar on both product excellence and output.

This is accomplished through a Simplicity Sprint that solicits employee ideas and crowdsources them in order to produce products more quickly and achieve better results more quickly.

Update 7/20: According to The Information , a two-week recruiting hold has been declared by Senior Vice President Prabhakar Raghavan of Search, Assistant, Geo, Ads, Commerce, and Payments. This probably applies to those who work for his division.

During this period, Raghavan explained, we’ll review our manpower requirements and agree on a fresh set of prioritised Staffing Requests for the upcoming three months.

Existing applicant offers won’t be impacted by this, but no new ones will be made until the delay is over and the review has been completed.

The precarious state of the world economy has been on everyone’s mind. We are not immune to economic challenges, like any businesses. I value the fact that in our society, such difficulties are never seen as impediments. We have instead viewed them as chances to narrow our focus and make long-term investments.

Prior to 7/12: According to an internal document written today that The Verge made public, this is how Pichai and the company’s leadership are presently conceiving of the second half of 2022. He quickly brings up the fact that Google is still hiring in order to support the most crucial prospects.

For the remaining months of 2022 and 2023, we’ll concentrate our hiring efforts on technical, engineering, and other key positions. We’ll also make sure that the outstanding talent we do hire is in line with our long-term priorities.

Following that, the business hired about 10,000 new employees in Q2, a number Pichai thinks extraordinary and indicative of the company’s enthusiasm for long-term potential, especially in uncertain times. He reiterates the company’s ongoing mission for a while:

I think about our goal at this time, which is to put the world’s information in order and make it accessible and beneficial to everyone. It’s what motivated me to enter the business 18 years ago, and it’s what gives me such hope for the positive influence we can have on the world. Computing and knowledge are how we further our mission. That is the filter through which we evaluate where to invest, whether it is in areas like Search, Cloud, YouTube, Platforms and Hardware, the teams that support them, or in the AI that enables more useful goods and services.

When we concentrate on and excel at what we do best, we benefit people and society.
The CEO encourages Google employees to be more entrepreneurial, working with more urgency, clarity, and hunger than we have on brighter days.
That may entail reducing procedures and combining investments where they overlap. In other situations, that entails stopping development and shifting resources to other important areas.
The memo concludes as follows:

Clarity is bred by scarcity. We have been stating this ever since Google first started. It is what fuels creativity and focus, which ultimately results in better goods that benefit people all around the world. We have the chance to do it right now, and I can’t wait for us to seize it.

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