Street View on Google Maps Returns to India

Street View is one of Google Maps’ most well-liked features. This gives viewers a first-person perspective of various homes and streets as if they were actually there. Google is currently working with a few businesses to bring Street View back to India.

The Indian government stated that the use of Street View technology posed security and privacy threats back in 2016. As a result, the feature was outlawed in the nation. Of course, for those who adored the feature, this wasn’t perfect.

If you want to take a close look at a site before visiting, the Street View is a helpful tool. Additionally, you will be able to use Street View if the aerial view of the spot you are looking for on the map is blocked by trees.

Advertisement RIGHT NOW, PARTS OF INDIA ARE GETTING BACK STREET VIEW For those who have been missing this functionality for a while, this is undoubtedly fantastic news. To bring Street View back to India, Google has teamed up with regional businesses Genesys International and Tech Mahindra. This is excellent news for Indian users and a first for the business. This is the first occasion when Google has worked with a regional business to produce Street View.

India unveiled a brand-new policy known as the Geospatial Policy back in 2021. Local organizations now have the capacity to gather location information and pictures. Genesys International and Tech Mahindra are able to gather data from particular regions of India as a result of this strategy. Google is able to use Street View because it has access to the information that these businesses are able to supply.

Since Google receives information from many businesses, we may anticipate that the image quality and audience will vary. We’re not sure if the quality will suffer or increase. It’s impossible to deny that Google uses their map technology for some irrational purposes, thus it’s reasonable to anticipate a decline in quality.

Advertisement On the other hand, Street View was last present in India in 2016, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to surpass what Google was able to accomplish at that time. We’ll have to wait until this is available in India before making a judgment.


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