Steam has released a brand-new beta version of its mobile app.

Although Steam is still a very popular site for buying games and playing games, its mobile app hasn’t been updated in a while. This has changed as of today, as Steam released a limited mobile app beta for customers to use.

If you’ve ever used the mobile Steam app, you’ll understand what we mean when we say it’s dated. The software is honestly kind of a headache to use because the UI is boxy and nothing really flows together effectively. The Steam mobile app is simply outdated, By the companys own admission . The majority of us users and players have simply stopped using the app.

Today, Steam revealed that a brand-new app with a fresh UI and a new framework is on the way to users. A brand-new design for the new app complements the wonderful SteamOS seen on the Steam Deck.

We have observed a few new features that have already improved the new app while using it. The notification system has been completely redesigned, to start. Without missing a beat, it is simpler to understand exactly what is happening in your friend group. Second, the library view now has a fresh, updated appearance. With that, you receive a newsfeed to assist you in finding similar games you might enjoy playing.

One significant improvement that has long been overdue is a new authenticator system. The Steam Authenticator includes rolling codes that can only be entered into your new login site during specific time frames prior to the release of the new Steam app beta. This technique proved to be irritating, but it kept you secure at the cost of your patience and effort.

The new beta authenticator for Steam is easy to use. You only need to scan a QR code to log in at the new place. You also have the choice to hit a confirmation button when it appears, similar to Google’s 2FA approach, if you don’t want to do that.

HOW DO I JOIN THE BETA OF THE STEAM APP? The Steam app beta is restricted, as was already mentioned. Thus, you don’t need to wait on a waiting list to effortlessly enroll today for your Android device. Head to here on your Android device. Make sure you are logged into your Google Account before proceeding to the Steam page. If you are, you will be immediately enrolled in the program, assuming it is still open.

It won’t happen right away, but you should periodically check the Google Play Store to see if there is a Steam update that is still pending. Install it when you have the chance, and you should be set to go.

According to TestFlights regulations, Steam has limited the beta for iOS to only 10,000 participants. To sign up for the Steam app beta program on an iPhone, tap here . If you haven’t already, install TestFlight and launch the application. The latest Steam beta will begin installing right away once inside.

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