Stadia launches a 1440p resolution preset that is only available to Pro members {Update: Official}

A new dedicated 1440p streaming option for Google Stadia is currently available for some gamers, however it will only be available to Stadia Pro subscribers.

Since adding 1440p streaming to its lineup for PCs in 2020, Stadia has been providing it for more than two years. The platform’s secret function, however, only activates when your preferred resolution is set to 4K and you’re using a display with a resolution higher than 1080p but lower than 4K.

Our APK Insight team has demonstrated that Stadia has been striving to make 1440p streaming its own distinct option in the Performance menu in recent months. Stadia players are now starting to receive the option, and according to Stadia Source at least one person has the new setting activated.

Up to 1440p is described as Stadia’s new quality setting, and it is indicated to utilize up to 14.4 GB every hour of gameplay, as opposed to 12.6 GB for 1080p or 20 GB for 4K streaming. It’s unknown if 1440p streaming will soon be made available on Android, Google TV, Chromecast, and other Stadia platforms as it has just been discovered in the desktop client thus far.

Update: Stadia has now formally announced that it supports 1440p streaming, with the capability appearing on the Community Blog . Since our Android smartphones only support native 1440p resolution at this time, greater resolutions still appear to be limited to web and TV apps.

As expected, Stadia Pro subscribers are the only ones who may use the new setting; everyone else is limited to 1080p and lower. Along with the selection of claimable games, the Stadia Pro membership offers 5.1 surround sound and HDR streaming in compatible games. Thanks to there are community resources , we know which titles work with the proprietary Stadia Pro features.

over three years after the Stadia team originally revealed that further resolutions were anticipated, full support for 1440p streaming is now available. For those who want a resolution sharper than 1080p, the inclusion should provide a good compromise without practically tripling their internet usage.

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