Stadia Changelog: Cities: Skylines Expansion Coming, Wreckfest Finally Fixed, and From Space Delayed

There are still many unanswered questions regarding Google Stadia’s future, but there were a number of changes this week. From Space, a game that was initially under testing on Stadia, has been delayed, and other games are starting to receive bug patches and expansions that were missing from Stadia.

On 9to5Google, we compile some of the Stadia news that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to discuss in our weekly series called Stadia Changelog. A summary of the new games that were added to Stadia during the week, a list of games that received upgrades and fixes, a list of new games that have been confirmed or are rumored to be coming to the platform, and more are included. Check out Bandwidth, our weekly examination of the remainder of the cloud gaming industry, which includes GeForce Now, Luna, and more, every Friday when you return.

NO NEW GAMES ADDED TO STADIA THIS PAST WEEK For the second week in a row and the fourteenth week overall, Stadia did not introduce any new games.

In 2022, Google added 48 new games to Stadia. Google added 107 new games to the Stadia library in 2021, and it pledged to add at least 100 new games in 2022. However, at this rate, this is not achievable unless there are dozens more releases in the upcoming weeks.

STADIA HAS A FEW MORE TITLES CONFIRMED TO BE IN THE PIPELINE Despite the fact that there were no releases this week, Stadia does have a number of more games. Arcade Paradise, which is scheduled to launch later this fall, introduces more than 35 arcade games to Stadia. In the meantime, Martha is Dead will be released by Wired Productions sometime this winter.

Additionally, Ubisoft announced that a number of additional games, including Just Dance 2023 and Trackmania, would be coming to Stadia this week. The latter will debut in the first quarter of 2019, and Just Dance will be made available on Stadia once it launches on other platforms in late November.

Unfortunately, Ubisoft has stated that Mirage, the newest Assassin’s Creed game, will not be available on Stadia.

A mixed bag of news includes the fact that the September release date for the game From Space has been moved up to Stadia. From Space will premiere on Stadia Pro, as the people at StadiaSource announced, albeit a precise date has not been determined.

NEWS Stadia will now officially support 1440p

Google Stadia is now enabling 1440p streaming for Pro members, some three years after the feature was first discovered. You’ll need a suitable display, and for now, only desktop users can use the feature. However, Android support should soon be available.

Finally, Wreckfest was upgraded

After going months without an update, the multiplayer component of the game completely crashed earlier this week. Now, though, Wreckfest has received a fresh patch that adds new tournaments, rewards, and many bug patches.

There will soon be a Cities: Skylines expansion.

This week, the PC version of Cities: Skylines’ Plazas and Promenades expansion went live without Stadia support. Fortunately, that is coming. Skylines stated on Twitter that Stadia will eventually receive the expansion.

Details on Resident Evil Village extensions

The Winters DLC for Resident Evil Village, which centers the main narrative on Ethan’s daughter Rose, will start playing on October 28. Additionally, new maps and characters have been added.

THE STATE OF STADIA GAMES: THESE TITLES ARE BROKEN After we brought attention to a number of games that weren’t functioning properly on Stadia, it has become even more obvious that a large number of games on the platform are currently broken, missing content, or at the very least not in the best condition.

A running list of games that aren’t currently functioning properly on Stadia will be included in the Stadia Changelog. If you frequently use Stadia, please contact us or leave a comment below to let us know about any problems. We’ll try to include the main issues here.

Other issues with Stadia games include: Cyberpunk 2077 Cross-progression missing on Stadia only Risk of Rain 2 Broken multiplayer and performance issues World War Z Missing cross-play , promised StadiaSource 0 in June 2022 Outward StadiaSource 1 no Definitive Edition StadiaSource 2 Ark: Survival Evolved Out-of-date version StadiaSource 3 Humankind StadiaSource 4. NEW STADIA GAME ISSUES, MISSING CONTENT Saints Row Latest update without a release date on Stadia Golf With

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