Sources: The 300mAh battery in the Pixel Watch provides cellular connectivity.

Although the design of Google’s next Wear OS device has been extensively disclosed, numerous concerns about the inside components still exist. 9to5Google has learned from sources that the Pixel Watch will have cellular connectivity and an estimated battery life.

A source with knowledge of the situation claims that the battery capacity of the Pixel Watch is 300mAh. Additionally, we now know that cellular connectivity will be available, though we are unsure how the three models that have already been spotted will vary.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is the closest analog (GW4). That wearable, which is likewise 40mm in diameter, has a 247mAh battery with a 40-hour run time according to Wear OS 3. Depending on usage, the smaller Galaxy Watch 4 is closer to a 24-hour device in our experience. Although Google’s watch is physically superior to that one, its thickness of 14mm, or a good 4mm more, shouldn’t come as a surprise. Additionally, the early Pixel Watch hardware weights 36g more than the 40mm GW4’s 26g weight (also measured without straps).

The Fossil Gen 6’s 300mAh battery, which is rated for a day of operation on the less power-efficient Snapdragon Wear 4100, is a different battery comparison that can be made. The Skagen Falster Gen 6 has the same battery size, and we discovered that its typical battery life is 24 hours or less.

Google Pixel Watch band

The 44mm Galaxy Watch 4 weighs 30g, has a 361mAh battery, and, in our experience, often lasts between 30 and 40 hours depending on usage. It is unclear what Google’s official advice will be or whether Wear OS is undergoing any more longevity-enhancing tweaks. How rapidly the Pixel Watch can be charged, in terms of allowing customers to swiftly top-up in a pinch, is another crucial specification that is still unknown. It would seem realistic to anticipate equal charging speeds if the watch employs a Qi charging technology like Samsung and Apple do.

We had already made the assumption that Samsung Exynos might power the Pixel Watch. It would not be shocking if Google used the same W920 chip as the Galaxy Watch 4. The Pixel Watch’s display is about 30mm, or little under 1.2 inches, according to a measurement, which is another similarity to the Galaxy Watch 4.

Nevertheless, 9to5

Although Google has previously discussed potential Pixel watch face designs, we have yet to see how Google will style Wear OS 3 outside of what is currently achievable in the emulator. The greatest unanswered question is how much Google will charge for the Pixel Watch and when it will be made available.

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