Soon, mobile data-enabled Chromebooks should be able to serve as Wi-Fi hotspots.

In a future update, Chromebooks with mobile data will have the same ability that Android and iOS devices currently have to act as Wi-Fi hotspots for other devices.

Thanks to new versions that come with mobile data, Chromebooks have become even more portable than they were in the past several years. This is because they are no longer dependent on a Wi-Fi connection. Before that, the typical method for accessing the internet while traveling was setting up a hotspot on your phone or looking for free Wi-Fi networks nearby.

Now, it appears as though Google is working on a means for you to reverse the direction of your mobile data connection, enabling your Chromebook to serve as a Wi-Fi hotspot for other devices thanks to its significantly greater battery than a phone. made its first appearance is a new flag that will be added to chrome:/flags as part of the work-in-progress functionality.

enables the Chromebook to wirelessly connect to other devices and share its cellular internet connection.

As of right now, not much more information is available beyond the flag’s description. Having said that, it’s simple to see how a mobile hotspot would operate on ChromeOS given how the capability now operates on Android smartphones.

The Settings app in ChromeOS is likely where you would select the name and password for your Chromebooks hotspot, as well as turn the hotspot on and off. If it really follows Android’s lead, there would also be a Quick Settings toggle that would make it simple to activate your hotspot.

It’s unclear how much of a demand there has been for Chromebooks that can act as hotspots for other devices, but given that the hardware supports it, there doesn’t seem to be any compelling reason not to. Since the project is still in its early stages, it’s possible that complete support for utilizing your Chromebook as a Wi-Fi hotspot won’t be available until much later this year.

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