Sony’s response to the Xbox Elite Controller is the DualSense Edge for the PS5.

The new DualSense Edge controller makes a lot of sense at a time when content production and competitive gaming are on the rise. It’s about time Sony improves the PS5 DualSense controller after we argued that it was possibly the best one ever produced. The DualSense Edge was unveiled by Sony as its “first-ever high-performance, ultra-customizable controller” in an press release . Two sets of back buttons with two interchangeable cover styles, three different types of interchangeable analog stick caps, and replaceable modules for the sticks themselves, which are, regrettably, sold separately, are just a few of its vast list of additional features.

Users can adjust the sensitivity of the controller’s analog sticks and triggers as well as remap or deactivate any of the controller’s buttons. The dedicated Fn buttons located behind the controller’s triggers make it simple to switch between the several controller profiles in which any adjustments can be saved. Along with a carrying bag that serves as a charger, Sony will also include a braided Type-C cable that is “less prone to slide out” owing to irregular motion. Overall, the improved DualSense definitely sounds like a better version of the exorbitantly priced third-party PS5 controller. Although there is still no pricing information available for the DualSense Edge, let’s hope it won’t be as expensive once Sony makes more information available “in the months ahead.”


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