Some Hyundai vehicles now provide Android Auto in widescreen with the most recent updates.

Your car’s infotainment system is not a one-size-fits-all design. Extra-wide displays are becoming very widespread, and there are many different kinds of panels and configurations in contemporary automobiles. Some Hyundai vehicles with widescreen layouts now have improved Android Auto functionality as a result of recent updates.

Recent software changes made accessible by Hyundai have subtly enabled the use of Android Auto in its widescreen configuration, as was initially mentioned on Reddit .

A broad screen runs along the top of the console in a 2021 Elantra, which is the vehicle in question for the illustration. A fresh software update that was available for the Redditor’s car allowed Android Auto to use the entire 10.5-inch display, whereas before Google’s experience only used about two-thirds of the screen. In this instance, the Redditor claims that he is using Android Auto in wired form and that in order to obtain this broader design, he had to make sure that the enable split screen developer option was turned on. Additionally, he reported that after the upgrade, his wireless Android Auto adaptor, AAWireless, remained inoperable until passthrough mode was enabled.

Early in 2021, Google enabled widescreen compatibility to Android Auto, and some Mazda, BMW, and Skoda vehicles started using it right away. However, certain Hyundai vehicles with broader displays were unable to achieve the same results for whatever reason. Android Auto’s widescreen mode allows it to display other apps on the main area of the screen along with widgets for music and maps along the side. Along the driver’s side of the car, the navigation has also been moved to be vertical.

Hyundai owners, according to AutoEvolution , aren’t the only ones using the new widescreen Android Auto upgrade. Updates to the Android Auto framework for automobiles appear to be enabling larger aspect ratio support for select Kia vehicles. Take it with a grain of salt, but it’s crucial to emphasize that we couldn’t uncover any facts to support that assertion. Months before Hyundai implemented this functionality, the most recent upgrade, which went beyond a straightforward map update, was released last November . But given that Kia has a similar infotainment system, this isn’t really shocking.

Regrettably, there is no official list of the updated autos. Other 2021 Hyundai models with these bigger displays, though, are likely safe bets for an update. Hyundai owners can download check for updates on the carmakers website , which includes detailed instructions on how to carry out the update. The same update information is in Kia has a nearly identical portal .

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