Some Google Pixel 6 owners are experiencing an unknown reason for their incoming calls being refused.

Since the Pixel 6’s release in October 2021, users have targeted it frequently. Even if most of these hits have been a touch unjustified, one actually raises some legitimate concerns. Some people have complained that their Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro have been automatically rejecting calls.

Users of the Pixel 6 have recently been discussing what appears to be a frequent issue. Some incoming calls on the Pixel 6 Pro are reportedly being immediately rejected and routed to voicemail, according to user u/merryjaina . Whether the number is in their contact list or not, some calls will be rejected without the operator’s involvement.

Interestingly, this person is not by themselves. Although there doesn’t appear to be agreement on the root of the issue, other Pixel owners are frustrated that they too are experiencing the same issue. Like the original poster, several people consistently experience the issue every week. Others had the issue once or twice in the past but never again.

A few things could prevent your phone from ever ringing in the first place. In the event of a call, your phone will remain silent if the Pixel 6 is face down on a surface and Flip to Shh is enabled. You won’t know you’ve been called until you turn off DND because Do Not Disturb will fully silence calls and clear your notification area. According to individuals who are having problems, neither of these features seems to be the cause of the silently denied calls.

On the caller’s end, some users have even claimed that the call rings as usual until no answer is received, at which point they can leave a message. The call never reaches the Pixel 6s, and no missed call notification is displayed. The only way to learn is to listen to your voicemails for any new, unheard messages.

The situation is currently a little hazy. The bug doesn’t appear to have a known underlying cause, and it is clear that there isn’t a current remedy either. In fact, due to the lack of a known cause, we are unable to even call it a bug. All we really know is that numerous Pixel 6 owners appear to be dealing with a similar issue, indicating that it is not an isolated problem. Even if the problem cannot be duplicated, I believe that my Pixel 6 has experienced it on a few occasions.

The best course of action if you run into this problem is to open the Phone app on your Pixel 6 and select the overflow menu. Click Help and feedback from there. There, you can let developers know that you are directly experiencing the problem by reporting it.

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