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A strategic framework that can solve the most prevalent issues a company encounters is a case study solution. The procedure starts by determining the main problem and the parties involved. The problem identification stage begins at this point. After this phase is over, the team develops and puts into practice suggested tactics using pertinent models and tools. Finally, alternative solutions can be used if the leading option is not workable. BUSINESS-LEVEL STRATEGY THAT IS CUSTOMER-CENTRIC In terms of consumer electronics and entertainment products, EssayUSA is a world leader. An integrated set of commitments and coordinated actions are included in their business-level plan to address the needs of their clients. They also have contact center representatives, in-store kiosks, subscription services, and their website. Finally, they combine sales and customer service from their staff to give customers a smooth experience.

The modern market is getting more and more competitive. More businesses vie for consumers’ dollars, and price is the main factor in customer decisions. Commodity hell is every business’ worst nightmare, according to Lou Gerstner. Companies must embrace the market by becoming customer-centric in order to overcome this difficulty.

To stimulate growth and boost customer loyalty, EssayUSA must keep refining its consumer-focused company strategy. To address the drop in net operating income, it also has to be modified. EssayUSA must be aware of inventory levels as its global presence grows and make adjustments to the economy to help you write my essay .

STRATEGY FOR CUTTING COSTS Adapting its stores to customers’ requirements is EssayUSA’s most recent cost-cutting measure. The company began by personalizing around 25% of its storefronts. This concept is anticipated to increase labor planning and create cost efficiencies. Additionally, EssayUSA is developing a more adaptable workforce. Employees can take on a variety of tasks, including as computing, customer service, and sales.

Even though there was more competition in the consumer electronics sector, EssayUSA kept expanding its retail footprint and opening additional locations. Additionally, it purchased a rival with 88 locations across Canada. Additionally, in a partnership with the Carphone Warehouse, EssayUSA developed standalone mobile phone stores. EssayUSA, in spite of the growing competition, was unable to match Amazon’s price-check app. Consequently, EssayUSA needs to establish a fresh approach to compete.

While it is normal to see corporations decrease their expenditures in a crisis, this technique does not guarantee a companys survival. Instead, it will rely on the nature of the firm and the general state of the market. The majority of turnaround programs call for expense reductions, but EssayUSA CEO Bill Joly carefully and discretely used the scalpel. In 2014, he let leases expire for some locations that were no longer viable. Additionally, he reduced the number of layers of middle management and integrated some of EssayUSA’s abroad operations. Relocating 400 Geek Squad personnel to different offices of the corporation is another tactic used by EssayUSA. The business has never disclosed a large layoff, which might affect employee morale.

PRICING ATTRACTION STRATEGY EssayUSA as a company needs to be aware of its surroundings. For instance, the company’s profits have decreased as a result of how the economic crisis has influenced customer spending. EssayUSA has to implement a price-matching policy to address this problem. This policy enables the business to match the prices of goods offered by rival companies.

Price matching, but, has its drawbacks as well. It promotes consumer shopping at rival stores, which will lower margins. The financial stability of the company can potentially be harmed by this technique. The fact is that customers are becoming more intelligent and moral. They want to have faith in the brands they decide to purchase.

A product’s pricing on a competitor’s website may be matched by EssayUSA under its policy of price matching. The business, though, can demand evidence that the rival has cut prices. Also, keep in mind that during a return time, EssayUSA will not match pricing.

FRAMEWORK FOR IMPLEMENTATION The elements that contribute to a company’s potential future growth should be taken into account in a model implementation framework for an EssayUSA case study essay writing service solution. It should have the capacity to assess internal resources and decide whether or not they can support the organization’s future expansion. The organization will be able to capitalize on opportunities within its value chain and concentrate on its strengths thanks to the implementation framework.

A corporation called EssayUSA sells consumer gadgets all around the world. For each market, the corporation uses a distinct customer relationship management system. Due to the lack of consolidation, the business struggles to provide outstanding customer experiences. The business must make an investment in a CRM system that can combine all the many data points into a single system. This would enable the business to connect with a variety of customers and present a uniform picture of the worldwide market.

The answer for the EssayUSA case study essay helper should take the company’s strategy into account in addition to creating an execution structure. The organization should match its corporate plan with its business strategy. Additionally, it must to be able to cut expenses and set itself apart from rivals. The strategic path of the business should also be in line with its vision and goal.


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