Send a screencast to Google TV This is how.

Screencasting naturally integrates with Google TV The Google TV operating system first appeared on the Chromecast. It just so happens that the Chromecast is a terrific device for sharing a screen from your Android smartphone or tablet. Literally, it is in the name. Now tell me how to transmit my screen to Google TV. You will learn all the ins and outs from this manual.

What is Google TV, and how do I know if I can cast my screen? How to cast your screen with Pixel How to cast your screen to Google TV with other Android devices HOW DO I DETERMINE IF I CAN CAST MY SCREEN AND WHAT IS GOOGLE TV? As previously said, the Google TV is an operating system that is more recognized for being on the Chromecast. However, that does not imply that it dwells there by itself. In reality, Google TV is already integrated into a large number of TVs on the market. These TVs run a version of Google TV that isn’t all that dissimilar from the one seen on a modern Chromecast.

However, you can surely cast your screen from an Android device if it supports Google TV. One of the key draws of the Chromecast is the ability to cast and share your screen as well as any video from an Android device.

HOW TO USE PIXEL TO CAST YOUR SCREEN You must prepare your device before you may cast or share your screen to your Google TV. A Quick Settings Menu is available on devices running Android 12. There are a ton of different options in that menu, which is one swipe above the notification area and accessible from your homescreen. There is typically a setting called Screen Cast in the Quick Settings that is set to default. This is the button you need to find and be prepared to press.

Find the pencil symbol on Pixel and OnePlus devices, or the Edit Buttons setting for Samsung Galaxy devices, if it isn’t already in your Quick Settings. When you tap that, you may check to see if the inactive Quick Settings have Screen Cast enabled. Once you’ve found it, just drag and drop that button to the active area so you can easily access it.

Once you locate it, casting to your Google TV is simple:

Swipe down twice (or once with two fingers) from the homescreen of your Google Pixel. Find and select Screen Cast from the Quick Settings menu that displays. You’ll see a tiny floating menu on your screen. Find your TV and touch it. Verify your desire to begin screen sharing. While it makes a connection, your TV can briefly go dark. After that, your Google TV ought to display your screen. Simply hit the Screen Cast button once more and select Disconnect to discontinue screen casting. For the time being, your Pixel will stop sharing its screen.

HOW TO USE OTHER ANDROID DEVICES TO CAST YOUR SCREEN TO GOOGLE TV Unfortunately, using the Quick Settings menu on other Android devices won’t let you cast your screen. You must have the Google Home app downloaded and set up on your device in order to screencast. In general, assuming you previously configured your Google TV, this ought to be installed and ready to use.

Casting through the Google Home app on your Android mobile is, in a way, just as simple. Here’s how you can do it:

Open the Google Home app on your Android device. Find your Google TV by navigating the app’s list of your devices. After tapping it, you’ll see a tiny Cast my screen button at the bottom of the screen. Tap it. Accept the instructions that are presented on the next pages. On your device, locate and expand the notification that indicates you are screen sharing in order to disconnect. Disconnect should be visible. Your phone will cease sharing if you tap that.

Just a reminder: Google Home will display the gadgets you own. You can scroll down to Other Cast devices if you wish to cast your screen to a different Google TV. There, you can cast to linked devices on the network.

No matter which device you have available, casting your screen to Google TV is often a simple process. With a Pixel 6, OnePlus 9, or even a Galaxy S22, you can accomplish this. You’re set to go as long as you have the Google Home app.

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