Samsung Updates Its Calendar App With a Useful Change

If you have a Samsung phone, chances are good that you schedule your days using the company’s exclusive calendar app. It’s an effective tool for managing your affairs. Sam Mobile claims that Samsung just released an upgrade to their calendar app with a few cool new features.

Although this isn’t a substantial upgrade, users will appreciate the helpful modifications it delivers. Starting today, you may download it from the Galaxy Store; its version number is It has a size of roughly 45MB.

WHAT DOES THE SAMSUNG CALENDAR APP UPDATE BRING? To begin with, you may now access your group invitations from the calendar management panel. This makes the process more straightforward overall.

Advertisement The Samsung Calendar software offers a feature that sets the timing for new events based on the title you provide. The app will understand that you specified Pick up laundry at 7 and set the time to that time. You can now remove the set time from the quick settings menu thanks to this new update. In case you don’t want a reminder for that time, this is for you.

You can toggle them on and off from the quick settings menu if you don’t want the app to detect your times at all. Simply said, it makes it simpler to avoid receiving any automatic times.

The event’s location will thereafter be determined by a new feature based on your title. The app will establish the location based on your title if you title it anything like “Go to Walmart.” You can create your event with a couple fewer extra steps.

Advertisement You only need to be aware that only a small number of languages are available for these functions. To find out whether languages are supported, visit the Samsung support page or the app’s details. See which Galaxy phones will receive this update as well.


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