Samsung scrapped the Galaxy S22 FE to boost sales of the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

There were rumors last month that Samsung might not release a Fan Edition (FE) edition of the Galaxy S22. The inexpensive flagship appears to have been scrapped this year as a result of the global chip shortage. The Korean juggernaut was forced to choose between producing fewer Galaxy S22 Ultra units or scrapping the Galaxy S22 FE because it was unable to obtain enough chipsets. Unsurprisingly, it chose the second choice.

Samsung had initially intended to introduce the Galaxy S22 FE this year, according to the Korean media. Three million phones were to be produced, according to the goal. However, that would have resulted in three million fewer Galaxy S22 Ultras being sold because to a limited chip supply. The manufacturer was unable to obtain more chipsets for the FE model. It was a no-brainer for the Korean juggernaut to emphasize the flagship and completely axe the Galaxy S22 FE because the Galaxy S22 Ultra has a greater profit margin and is currently selling well.

Fans of the Galaxy Note have shown a specific preference for the Ultra version of Samsung’s most recent flagships. Under a new moniker, the smartphone brings back the canceled Note series. This year, a lot of Note 10 or earlier Note series users switched to the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Globally, it has now sold over 10 million devices, and sales projections for the company are expected to be surpassed. Even if it means scrapping a FE phone, the Korean company wouldn’t want supply concerns to impact its sales.

Advertisement Next year, SAMSUNG WILL RETURN WITH THE GALAXY S23 FE. Speculations that Samsung might discontinue the whole FE family after just two years began when news of the cancellation of the Galaxy S22 FE initially surfaced. These speculative claims were supported by reliable evidence as well. The project got off to a successful start in September 2020 with the release of the Galaxy S20 FE. However, due to the Korean company’s significant investments in foldable smartphones as well as the significant improvements made to its Galaxy A series premium mid-range devices, the FE series was unable to find the appropriate place in its lineup in terms of both price and launch date.

Samsung does, however, still have plans for the FE series in the future, according to The Elec reports . Next year, the business will introduce the Galaxy S23 FE, with another three million unit shipment goal. Considering that the company also plans to sell 28 million copies of the standard Galaxy S23 phones, it is likely expecting that the chip shortage will alleviate over the next months. If everything works out as Samsung hopes, only time will tell.


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