Samsung releases the Galaxy S21’s Second One UI 5.0 beta.

Samsung is seeding a new beta build to the Galaxy S21 series shortly after sending out the third Android 13 beta update to the Galaxy S22 series. The package contains essentially the same changes as the first One UI 5.0 beta release, despite being the second. If anything, this ought to be a sign that the company’s remaining two flagships are getting close to a steady deployment.

As of this writing, enrolled customers in India and the UK can download the second One UI 5.0 beta update for the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21, and Galaxy S21 Ultra ( via ). Perhaps this build has already been distributed to US consumers, albeit with the initial release. The Galaxy S21 series’ beta testing phase just started in the United States. Users in the US received a more extensive first beta build than users in other areas. Changes were probably included for the second release as well.

However, if you reside in India or the UK and have signed up for the One UI 5.0 beta program with your Galaxy S21, you should be getting a new update soon. Many bugs that were present in the previous version have been fixed in this build. The gallery widget, home screen return animation, and other problems have all been fixed by Samsung. A pop-up message stating that IMS service stopped following a software update should also no longer appear.

Advertisement You also receive a number of additional features. In addition to better user interface on the Album page in the gallery, Samsung has incorporated immersive, sideshow-style storytelling. Additionally, you can now modify the lockscreen wallpaper right from the lock screen. Regarding wallpapers, the user interface for choosing a new wallpaper has been updated.

Some users who have already updated to the new beta build remark that the One UI animations are now the smoothest they have ever been. Users are also experiencing smoother system animations. Consequently, you ought to enjoy a more fluid user interface.

A NEW ONE UI 5.0 BETA UPDATE FOR THE GALAXY S21 IS RELEASED BY SAMSUNG. Since the beginning of last month, Samsung has been publicly beta testing One UI 5.0. For the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S21 series, beta programs have already been made available. A beta program may also be forthcoming for the Galaxy S20 phones. According to rumors, the company will begin rolling out One UI 5.0 for its devices in a reliable manner around the middle of October. Therefore, this public beta testing may be coming to an end, at least for the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S21 series. The stable update will be released when we notify you.


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