Samsung is now manufacturing 3nm chips.

Samsung’s semiconductor unit recently claimed a new achievement, initiating 3nm chip manufacture with a significant reduction in power consumption.

Samsung has formally begun producing semiconductors utilizing a 3nm technology, called Bloomberg reports . The larger chipmaker, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC), is planning to switch to the more effective technique in the second half of 2022, so this beats them to the punch.

These chips are created by Samsung employing a Gate-All-Around transistor architecture. They are initially utilized in high-performance and specialized low-power computing applications before being applied to more well-known applications, such as smartphone CPUs.

According to Samsung, its 3nm process results in a 45 percent drop in power usage and a 23 percent increase in total performance. However, Samsung has not provided a comparison for 4nm circuits, which will be extensively used in 2022, using the same 5nm process.

For comparison, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 employs a 4nm process, whilst the Snapdragon 888 was constructed using a 5nm process. Even though Samsung manufactures the chips, the second-generation Google Tensor chip is anticipated to maintain a 4nm technology later this year.

Samsung says in a blog post that it intends to improve the performance of its 3nm processors even further with a second generation chip that might increase performance by up to 30%.

First-generation 3nm processes can use up to 45 percent less power, perform 23 percent better, and take up 16 percent less space than 5nm processes. Second-generation 3nm processes are expected to use up to 50 percent less power, perform 30 percent better, and take up 35 percent less space.

Prior to moving production to its more recent fab in Pyeongtaek, Samsung will begin making its 3nm chips in Hwaseong facilities.

Samsung shows off its 3nm wafers of semiconductors

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