Samsung Introduces Galaxy Enhance-X, an AI image enhancement app

An app for image improvement powered by AI has been created by Samsung. The business discreetly launched the app on the Galaxy Store on July 7 under the name Galaxy Enhance-X. With only a few touches, it enables Galaxy users to easily enhance the quality of current photographs on their device.

With the initial edition, you can easily cure blurry photos, brighten photos with insufficient lighting, get rid of undesired reflections, sharpen photos, fix HDR, add portrait effects, enhance photos, and get rid of moir patterns that show up on photos shot from digital displays like TVs. Images can also be upscaled without sacrificing quality. There are several different upscaling solutions available in Galaxy Enhance-X. The JPEG format is used to store both the original image and the enhanced copy in the gallery.

The four most popular tools—HDR, Brighten, Fix Blur, and Sharpen—can be found on the app’s home page. Fix Moire, Remove Reflection, Portrait, and Beauty are the additional four options that appear when you tap the More button. In the future, Samsung will probably give the app more functions.

Advertisement In the field of picture editing, Samsung’s Galaxy Enhance-X will go up against some well-known players like Google Snapseed, Adobe Lightroom, and Picsart. However, the corporation might compete with them all, at least for Galaxy smartphones. Expert RAW, a premium photography app from the Korean company, has been highly received by Galaxy users since its recent release. Hopefully, it will treat Galaxy Enhance-X with the same respect as Expert RAW.

THE DOWNLOAD FOR GALAXY ENHANCE-X IS NOW AVAILABLE The Galaxy Enhance-X app is already available on the Galaxy Store, as was previously stated by Samsung. Galaxy smartphones running Android 10 or higher are compatible with it. Moreover, using the One UI 2.5 or later custom skin from the firm. That implies that it can be run on pretty much any Galaxy smartphone that has been released in the last two to three years. We’re not just referring to the flagship models from the Galaxy S, Galaxy Note, or Galaxy Z series; we’re also referring to the entry-level and mid-range Galaxy A, Galaxy M, and Galaxy F models.

Click the icon below to download the Galaxy Enhance-X app from the Galaxy Store if you want to give it a try ( via ). Because Samsung is still in the process of rolling out the app, some areas may not have access to it. In the upcoming weeks, the business will probably update the app with enhancements and problem fixes. We’ll keep you informed.



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