Samsung intensifies its One UI 5.0 beta preparations.

The public could soon have access to Samsung’s One UI 5.0 beta program, which runs on Android 13. A program called the One UI Value Up Challenge has been announced by the company and will be accessible to a limited number of beta testers. The latter, about which it hasn’t released much information, seems to be a division of the public beta where users will be given preference with regard to input and recommendations. Participants will be chosen by Samsung based on their participation and engagement on its community forums.

Participants in the One UI Value Up Challenge will not receive any time advantages. When the One UI 5.0 public beta debuts later this month, it will be begin . However, due to the size of Samsung’s customer base, the business appears to have created the new program so that their opinions are taken into account. The next version of the Korean company’s custom Android skin will be shaped by the community members who participate the most on its forums.

The users that are chosen will probably have direct contact with Samsung’s software staff. As a result, they will be able to compile user feedback from various forums and transmit it to the business. Samsung might even give the participants a reward based on their comments and recommendations.

Advertisement Samsung has only introduced the One UI Value Up Challenge initiative in South Korea as of this writing. It’s unknown if the company intends to introduce a comparable product in other regions. But there isn’t much hope for us. But a few more nations, including the US, will undoubtedly host the One UI 5.0 public beta. Once we have the exact dates for the program’s start, we’ll let you know. On its forums, the corporation has already set up a special page for the One UI 5.0 beta program. Thus, the wait shouldn’t be too long anymore.

THE GALAXY S22 SERIES WILL GET A SINGLE UI 5.0 FIRST. Samsung will use the Galaxy S22 series to launch One UI 5.0 beta testing. The stable update will also be given to the most recent Galaxy flagships before other models. The Galaxy S21, Galaxy Z Fold 3, Flip 3, and other models should be the upcoming ones. The most recent information regarding the upcoming version of Samsung’s unique Android skin will be provided to you on a regular basis. All of the perks that come with Android 13 will be included in One UI 5.0, along with a number of adjustments and add-ons from the giant Korean company.


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