Samsung Gaming Hub Now Provides Access to Amazon Luna

The two firms today announced that Samsung Gaming Hub now provides access to Amazon’s Luna cloud gaming service. The Samsung Gaming Hub gave customers a central location to find games when it first launched at the end of June. Access to programs like GeForce NOW, Stadia, Xbox Game Pass, and Utomik were previously included. along with other applications like Twitch, YouTube, and Spotify.

Gaming Hub would provide access to well-liked cloud gaming services as well as a list of well-liked games that might be discovered there. giving players a solid foundation from which to choose their game. The number of titles increases with the addition of Amazon Luna. Additionally, it extends Luna’s hardware compatibility.

LUNA IS BRINGED TO SAMSUNG TVS AND MONITORS BY THE SAMSUNG GAMING HUB As of right now, Luna is accessible through Samsung Gaming Hub, making Samsung the first significant TV manufacturer to do so that does not use Amazon’s Fire TV platform. Luna may also be accessible through web browsers like Chrome, Edge, and Safari as well as on Android, iOS, Fire tablets, Chromebooks, and other mobile devices.

Advertisement Customers who own a compatible Samsung TV or monitor in 2022 will only need to take a few simple steps to access Luna. They must first connect their Luna account to the Samsung Gaming Hub. They should then be able to open the Luna app and select a game to begin playing. Without any downloads.

You must have a controller in order to play, right? Do not worry. If you have a Luna controller, you can use it. However, you can also connect and use any other Bluetooth controller that is supported if that is what you would want. which ought to offer choices like the DualShock 4, the DualSense, the Xbox wireless controller, and many more. This is all due to the controller passthrough technology of the Samsung Gaming Hub.

With more than 250 games to pick from, Luna has the smallest catalog of titles among the various cloud gaming alternatives. However, as a consumer, having more options is always beneficial. Starting today, everyone with a Samsung TV or monitor that is compatible should be able to use Luna. Since Samsung makes no mention of updating your TV or anything else, the service ought to simply become available within the Gaming Hub app.


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