Sales of Oppo and OnePlus have stopped in Germany.

Oppo, an OEM with a sizable customer following, has formally stopped selling electronics in Germany. Following suit, OnePlus followed suit by discontinuing all sales on its German website. While assistance will continue for regional owners of OnePlus and Oppo-branded phones, potential new customers will need to search elsewhere for the foreseeable future.

An ongoing legal dispute between Nokia and the Chinese company Oppo was resolved in the first half of July. Nokia is a well-known supplier of 5G technology equipment today and is crucial to connectivity, particularly in Europe. The court decision found that Oppo and OnePlus had been stealing from Nokia by utilizing 5G technology in their smartphones without paying for the necessary patents (via WinFuture ).

After the decision was made, Oppo chose a course of action that includes challenging the ruling in an effort to prevent being barred from selling smartphones. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to have been very successful, and a decision has been made about Oppo in Germany.

In response to the court’s ruling, Nokia said:

According to two German courts, OPPO is selling its smartphones without a license and exploiting Nokia’s patented technologies in them. Additionally, it was determined that Nokia behaved fairly. The most straightforward solution for OPPO is to renew its license under reasonable conditions.

It appears that Oppo has now removed the sales link from its regional website in compliance with the court’s order to formally cease all smartphone sales in Germany. With only a few pages to investigate, Oppos Germany website currently feels deserted. There is a support area, a page on ColorOS, and a about page. Customers can also see a clear statement on the website informing them that Oppo device owners would continue to get updates and assistance in the area for their handsets.

Although it’s kind of a false positive, the OnePlus Germany website appears to be a little more active. If you look a bit closer, you’ll see that clicking Buy now on any smartphone will result in a 404, preventing the user from continuing.

OnePlus doesn’t appear to have accepted the change yet and appears to be concealing the fact that sales are prohibited until further notice, in contrast to Oppos’ website. Even though they are essentially the same firm, both names are rather well-known in the nation, with OnePlus being the more well-known.

There isn’t much information available about Oppo and OnePlus’ prospects in Germany and Europe. This could be the first domino to fall because the legal issue was international and not just in Germany. Oppo could, however, appeal the case in the future, though it doesn’t seem likely in the absence of further agreement between Nokia and Oppo.

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