S Pen storage may not be included with Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4 after all {U}

The inclusion of the S Pen makes the Galaxy Z Fold 3, one of the first foldables with the durability to be a viable option, even better. Samsung may now increase its reliance on the S Pen by including a silo in the Galaxy Z Fold 4.

A recent leak from The Elec claims that Samsung would include a silo to keep the S Pen inside the phone itself in order to give a built-in S Pen on the Galaxy Z Fold 4. This feature, which was a staple of Samsung’s Galaxy Note line, has just made a comeback in the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Update 4/15: Ice Universe reports that the Galaxy Z Fold 4 won’t actually ship with a S Pen silo. Samsung is attempting to make the phone thinner and smaller to avoid the brick-like feel of earlier iterations, although the precise cause is unclear, according to Ice. It’s understandable that Samsung might not be able to include that storage silo given the rumors of much enhanced camera gear.

Our initial reporting is as follows:

The fact that Samsung wants to store the S Pen on the Galaxy Z Fold 4 isn’t that surprising given how difficult it was to do so with the Fold 3. Although other cases for the S Pen were considerably better, they still weren’t perfect, and Samsung’s official case for it was nothing short of a disaster. We stated the following in our evaluation of the Galaxy Z Fold 3:

Only until I had a clear idea of how I would use the S Pen, such as to highlight certain text while reading, do sketches, or perform precise multitasking, did I actually pick it up. But, at least for me, those events don’t happen very often. The physical silo that made the S Pen so useful on the Galaxy Note is absent from the Fold, making it an afterthought despite having all of the software features that make it so amazing.

This rumor asserts that Samsung’s displays for the Fold 4 are nearly equal to those of its predecessors, at least in terms of size, in addition to the additional S Pen capability. According to reports, the inside display has a 7.56-inch panel that is 0.01 inches bigger than the Fold 3s panel. The outside display, which was previously 6.2 inches, is now a 6.19-inch panel. These little variations suggest that Samsung will stay with the same concave outer display and portrait-friendly inner panel as its previous Folds rather than adopting a design more akin to the Oppos Find N.

The rumor also states that the Galaxy Z Flip 4’s display will only experience minimal alterations, with the same 6.7-inch inner display and a 1.83-inch exterior display that has grown to 1.9 inches.

Dont expect any big changes to display size on the Fold 4.

Google’s 9TO5 Notably, significant modifications to the physical hardware are required to accommodate a S Pen slot in the Galaxy Z Folds design format. The Galaxy S22 Ultra and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra are also far thicker than the Fold 3’s two halves, with the S Pen alone being almost as thick as the smartphone. In order for a stylus silo to fit, Samsung will almost certainly need to create a thicker foldable.

This objective truly concerns me as someone who gladly carries a Galaxy Z Fold 3 most of the time. A closed Fold 3 is already getting close to being too thick, even though having a S Pen available on demand will undoubtedly be wonderful for this form factor. The fact that Samsung would lose space for the battery and perhaps the camera modules by incorporating this storage silo, necessitating a slightly thicker chassis, would further increase the chances of a thicker phone.

I’m cautiously optimistic that Samsung can actually execute this successfully, and I’m quite interested to see how it was done.
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