Review: The camera and battery on T-REVVL Mobile’s 6 Pro are a pleasant surprise, but the performance is lacking.

The last few years have seen significant advancements in low-cost technology. Buying a $200 phone in the past meant giving up practically all performance features. Does the T-Mobile REVVL 6 Pro 5G fit that same model? We had the opportunity to use the carrier’s newest $219 low-cost gadget for a while.

It’s crucial to consider the competition while shopping for a new gadget. Even while Google’s latest low-cost model, the Pixel 6a , is a fantastic value, the full price will still be $449. Samsung enters the fray as well with its hard-bargaining Galaxy A-series devices . These can also turn out to be a great deal at varied inexpensive prices.

With the REVVL 6 Pro 5G, a budget-friendly handset with some alluring specifications mentioned on paper, T-Mobile is attempting to offer us a tempting deal.

DISPLAY AND HARDWARE The build quality is the first thing you observe, as with any phone. It is, after all, perhaps one of the most crucial components of a truly excellent product.

Despite being built of plastic, the REVVL 6 Pro 5G boasts a remarkably sturdy construction. The back is a lovely matte grey tone with a frosted appearance. Although it doesn’t have a particularly obvious appearance, the edges are also made of plastic. It’s also important to note that this device has weight to it—not too much, but enough to give you confidence in the quality of the components.

A USB-C port and a 3.5mm headphone jack are located on the device’s bottom, which is unusual. The colored power button, which was created to match T-Mobile magenta, is a charming touch that you might not see at first. But it’s not just for show. One of the features that sets the REVVL 6 Pro apart from its more affordable competitors is the power button, which also doubles as a fingerprint sensor. In terms of precision, the sensor is around 7 out of 10 times accurate.

For device security, the majority of smartphones in this price range only use a PIN or passcode. You can simply unlock the REVVL 6 Pro with a simple tap of your thumb because it contains a fingerprint sensor. The sensor is quite quick. It took me less than a second to unlock my iPhone by touching it, which is adequate.

The enormous exhibit is located in the front. With a 6.82-inch HD display, there is a big viewing area. Sadly, this is where you start to see that the $219 price tag on this tablet was absolutely achieved by cutting corners.

The HD display has a total resolution of 1640 by 720 pixels. Comparatively, the Pixel 6a has a resolution of 2400 x 1080, although it has a smaller screen. The REVVL 6 Pro’s display is by no means subpar; rather, it is more than sufficient for daily chores. I had a lot of trouble seeing videos on YouTube and other streaming services.

The low quality makes it difficult to see details, and I found myself becoming distracted from whatever I was watching. Along with that, the screen doesn’t naturally get particularly bright during regular usage, and when manually adjusted, the maximum brightness may leave you disappointed. Even when the inside is light and the display is at its highest brightness, it can occasionally be challenging to read.

TECHNOLOGY AND PERFORMANCE Android 12 is the operating system that powers the REVVL 6 Pro, as well as nearly every other phone sold today save Google Pixel models. The REVVL 6 Pro ships with the July security patch installed as well as a ton of Google’s apps and services, providing a largely stock experience.

You can anticipate some bloatware on the device because it is a T-Mobile product. When you initially power on the REVVL 6 Pro, a T-Mobile splash screen will greet you. If you haven’t finished T-separate Mobile’s device setup, you’ll see a static notification reminding you to do so.

In addition, Google Discover, a stock feature on the majority of Android 12 devices, is accessible by scrolling to the left from the home screen. It is accompanied by T-version, Mobile’s which features the same content but is far less customized.

Other than that, the majority of the user experience hasn’t altered since T-skin Mobile’s was applied over pure Android 12. A MediaTek Dimensity 700 SoC, a 7nm device that runs a 5G modem for quick connectivity, powers that experience. This is the REVVL 6 Pro 5G, after all. This, along with 6GB RAM and 128GB of extendable storage, results in a passable experience; daily use could be a touch speedier, but it is fully functional and does the job.

The 60Hz display on the REVVL 6 Pro 5G is what you might anticipate from a product at this price range. Unfortunately, the jelly scrolling issue you could have on this device can make it feel like less frequently. Though it is something you can ignore for a brief period of time, this is most likely a result of the lighter chipset chosen.

You should anticipate T-Mobile to continue providing software updates over a longer period of time, just like they did with the REVVL 4 in 2021. Although T-Mobile hasn’t specified a precise Android upgrade schedule or made any guarantees, the popularity of the low-cost handset will probably have an impact on how frequently it receives updates.

BATTERY The battery life of the REVVL 6 Pro 5G is one area in which it excels. The REVVL 6 Pro will standby for days on end once completely charged. I had no trouble using the 5,000 mAh battery for a full day while using the device while going around social media, visiting websites, and sending and receiving messages.

Although usage may differ, you should be impressed with how long you can go without a charge when using this gadget under typical conditions. The MediaTek Dimensity 700 is a power-efficient SoC, which likely accounts for a large portion of this. 5,000 mAh will keep the gadget alive for longer because it has an effective chipset and a low refresh rate.

The REVVL 6 Pro has wireless charging, which raises the level of quality. Although slow, it is convenient. Additionally, you don’t typically see it on devices at the lower end of the price range. Overall, that is a great addition.

CAMERA The camera on the REVVL 6 Pro also completely astounded me. The REVVL features four sensors in total. It contains a 50MP primary sensor along with 5MP ultrawide, 2MP depth, and 2MP macro sensors. In this array, there are a total of four distinct cameras. Although the main sensor is surprisingly good, the lower MP sensors in the depth and macro lenses won’t wow anyone.

With a small amount of vignetting in the corners, each image contains decent amounts of detail and is largely color accurate. Without sacrificing quality for function, the ultrawide lens does a superb job at capturing details as well.

The 16MP selfie camera on the front has a teardrop notch rather than a hole punch cutout, but it still doesn’t occupy much space. To my surprise, the selfie camera also produces some decent pictures.

The camera app itself is very adequate, despite occasionally acting a little slowly. Due to a slight shutter lag, the REVVL 6 Pro won’t be the best choice for quick action images. The REVVL does well for routine still photos.

LAST THOUGHTS In the grand scheme of things, the REVVL 6 Pro 5G functions perfectly. At $219, you can’t expect much, and I didn’t have any expectations coming in. I was actually surprised by a few features of the REVVl 6 Pro, including the camera and battery life. The battery life did not disappoint in the slightest, and the camera is very adequate for the most of uses. There are a few additional fantastic features thrown in, like wireless charging and a real fingerprint sensor.

Although there are several areas for performance improvement, the majority of issues are caused by the mid-range SoC found inside the device. The 6GB RAM clearly makes a difference and manages to keep up with basic work admirably.

On the $219 REVVL, I’d have to say the screen was the part I had the most trouble with. The resolution doesn’t make for a very attractive display, and the jelly scrolling was a little annoying but not unusual at this price point.

All things considered, the REVVL 6 Pro has a place. I’d say it’s a decent phone at $219. I would feel differently about it if it cost $50 more. The camera is reliable, and the battery life is more than enough for the majority of users, which makes up for several shortcomings.

This is one of the better gadgets you could get for $200 if you were on a tight budget. If you have the extra cash, I’d recommend the Pixel 6a because it costs only $449, or just over $200 more than the REVVL 6 Pro 5G, while offering a ton of high-end capabilities.

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