Review of the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro: Outstanding, as long as you have a Samsung phone

In today’s market, earbuds are widely available and offer some extremely nice selections for not much money. Why then would anyone ever think of investing $230 on Samsungs Galaxy Buds 2 Pro ? Let’s examine.

BETTER COMFORTABLE HARDWARE Samsung’s newest earphones are quite comparable to previous generations in terms of hardware. It has the same rounded square case with a matte finish that the Galaxy Buds Live, Buds Pro, and Buds 2 all have. It’s a wonderful case, just like on those models! Its robust, pocket-friendly cover, small size, and magnets that make charging alignment simple all contribute to its portability.

The earphones themselves have seen the biggest alterations.

These replace Galaxy Buds Pro, which were infamous for their uncomfortable design. The comfort was described in our evaluation as being superior to the Galaxy Buds, although that didn’t last very long. Since then, I have rarely used the Galaxy Buds Pro since, to be honest, I couldn’t wear them for very long without experiencing ear pain.

With a redesigned earbud design that fits significantly better in the ear, the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro undoubtedly address this issue. I wouldn’t say that these are the most comfy earphones available, but I can wear them for a few hours without experiencing any significant discomfort. Both the Pixel Buds Pro and the Galaxy Buds 2 are far more comfortable in my ears, with the former now serving as my benchmark for earbud comfort.

These also performed admirably in terms of actually remaining in my ears. The Buds 2 Pro did not move at all during a round of disc golf, which calls for some fast head movements.

AUDIO QUALITY Although 24-bit is overused, they do sound fantastic. The Galaxy Buds 2 Pro, according to Samsung, are the first earbuds to enable 24-bit audio, giving customers the best possible Hi-Fi audio experience. In actuality, that strikes me as being greatly overblown.

Don’t get me wrong, the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro sound fantastic, but they aren’t all that superior than comparable earbuds at this price point. You might notice some ambient noises that other earbuds couldn’t faithfully reproduce. I definitely heard some background sounds better when listening to If It All Goes South by Sammy Rae and the Friends on Spotify’s maximum quality settings (320 kbps) than when using my Pixel Buds Pro. Senses, from Tick Tick, Come! My go-to earbud test this year has been Boom, and the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro absolutely pass with ease. One of the better models I’ve tested so far this year, even if I felt the highest notes were bordering on shrill, was still enjoyable to listen to.

Even while 24-bit audio isn’t entirely a gimmick, most people don’t understand it. You probably won’t be able to enjoy the increase these earbuds are capable of offering unless you’ve assembled a collection of local audio files. Even when using Tidal, there isn’t much of a quality difference between it and Spotify when using the Buds 2 Pro, with Tidal only providing slightly greater depth to the sound.

It did need switching the EQ settings to the Dynamic preset, as is customary with Samsung’s earbuds, to achieve the optimum sonic balance. Standard is a little bit too flat, and Bass boost is too strong on the lows, whereas Dynamic adds additional depth to the sounds.

The fact that it only functions with a Samsung device in one location is the main issue I have with the sound quality. You’ll get the most out of these earphones if you use a Galaxy Z Fold 4, an S22, or even a Galaxy A-series handset, but you won’t get the same level of quality anywhere else. Samsung’s exclusive codec only functions with Samsung’s smartphones, tablets, and earbuds.

And while it’s okay in certain ways, it also means that no one who already has a Google Pixel, OnePlus, or essentially any other smartphone should purchase one of these. Purchase Pixel Buds Pro. Purchase Sony LinkBuds S. You should absolutely purchase anything else instead of the $230 Galaxy Buds 2 Pro if you don’t intend to use them with a Galaxy handset.

Overall, latency performance has been outstanding, whether using a Samsung device or not. While playing Spider-Man Remastered with the Buds 2 Pro connected to a Steam Deck, latency was truly not an issue. The sound was in sync even during sequences with talking. On Samsung’s own smartphones, the situation is undoubtedly even better.

ANC COMPLETES THE JOB Although Active Noise Cancellation on earbuds will never be as effective as it is in a set of over-ear headphones, it is a feature that can be very useful in many situations.

In this aspect, the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro are adequate, but they aren’t exactly taking home any prizes. Many other earphones have had less difficulty drowning out my electric lawnmower, but ANC couldn’t keep up. However, ANC did rescue my sanity on a trip to the auto dealership, where a one-hour wait in a room with an extremely intrusive HVAC unit would have been irksome without the headphones.

A long press on your earbud switches to transparency mode, which works quite well at transmitting sound from your surroundings through the microphone when it is engaged. It’s not as natural-sounding as some other earbuds I’ve tried, like the newest from Google, but it’s also not unpleasant. I continue to appreciate the fact that when Samsung detects you talking on the phone, it instantly switches to this mode and pauses your music.

Additionally, both modes performed admirably in a few light wind tests. It took a little while for transparency to adjust to block out the breeze, but everything turned out just perfect in the end.

BANDCAST LIFE To cut to the chase, the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro’s battery life is more than enough. In my testing, I discovered that Samsung’s claim of five hours of battery life for the earbuds themselves in ANC or Ambient settings was entirely accurate.

IF YOU HAVE A SAMSUNG PHONE, THE SOFTWARE AND GESTURES ARE AWESOME. With a Samsung phone, the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro function best because to the scalable codec and software integration.

Easy Pair will immediately launch a pairing dialog on your phone or tablet after detecting adjacent earbuds. The earbuds can pair to both your phone and tablet simultaneously using a Samsung account and intelligently swap between the two devices, but only if they are both Galaxy devices. Now, that functions with Samsung TVs as well. Lost earbuds can also be easily found using SmartThings Find.

It’s all really awesome, but if you use a Motorola or Pixel smartphone—or really anything else—it breaks. It’s terrible that these features can only be used with Samsung products because they were built to work with Samsung’s ecosystem. especially because Samsung actually isn’t doing anything that Google isn’t. Many earbuds have Fast Pair, which is compatible with any Android phone and now includes support for intelligent switching. Fast Pair earbuds also support Find My integration. Samsung currently leads the Android market in terms of volume, but it is no justification for ignoring Android’s greatest strength: choice.

These seem like they could support both Samsung’s approach and Google’s as well. These do, after all, support Samsung’s Easy Pair as well as the rapid paring version for Windows. Why not include a third?

However, it can be difficult to ignore the tiniest details of Samsung’s software that are only possible with this in mind. When wearing a Galaxy Watch, you can adjust the ANC settings. The Galaxy Z Flip 4’s outside display is the same.

All of this is made possible by the Galaxy Wearable app, which also offers access to Bixby and choices for an equalizer and notification reading aloud.

USEFUL MOVEMENTS THAT STILL WORK whenever you adjust the fit On each earbud of the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro is a touchpad. A long push changes the ANC/ambient modes, and a tap resumes or resumes music. There are other configuration choices besides how it comes pre-configured. To move between tracks, double or triple tap the screen. Additionally, the long-press gesture can be configured to launch Bixby, adjust the volume, or start Spotify.

These hand motions are fairly typical and effective. But the issue I have is a common one for earbud users. The earbuds’ fit cannot be changed without unintentionally triggering the motions. Only Sony’s LinkBuds have effectively handled this issue, but Samsung’s touchpads’ sensitivity makes this particularly helpful.


FINAL THOUGHTS: DO NOT BUY INTO THE HYPE, BUT GET THESE GREAT EARBUDS The Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro are comparable to any other pair of pricey earbuds that have been on the market recently. They have a great voice, nab the essential features, and work well with the cellphones made by their employer.

But as was already noted, earphones that are significantly less expensive than these can have excellent sound quality and fantastic functionality. Why then would someone pay $230 for Samsung’s own option? It boils down to a few factors, in my opinion. You just won’t find greater integration or sound quality to use with your Samsung smartphone, at least not at this price point.

The other is that Samsung has some fantastic offers. For instance, if you trade in an old set of earbuds to put toward them, is offering up to $75. If you already own the outdated Galaxy Buds from 2020 or the Buds Pro from 2021, you’ll receive a sizable discount. Additionally, you may receive $50 off by exchanging any wireless audio headset, including Apple AirPods. These are a great upgrade and a much better value at $150175. Additionally, assuming Samsung’s historical trends continue, it will be the retail pricing in a few months.

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