Review of Polk Audio’s MagniFi Max SR, which integrates Chromecast with a fantastic surround sound system.

I enjoy a good pair of speakers, and during the past year, I’ve had the pleasure of using a few different Polk Audio devices. I haven’t been let down yet, and most recently, I’ve been testing out the MagniFi Max SR, another soundbar made by the company. Warning: contains spoilers. It’s really great, and we’re giving one away.

Polk Audio is impressive in the audio field, not just for their crystal-clear sound but also for how simple it is to set up their gear. If you ask me, that’s the system’s standout feature. But before we get there, let’s briefly discuss the sound. The little narrative is excellent.

The soundbar is 43 inches wide and fits beautifully beneath my 65-inch Vizio TV . When coupled with the wireless 160W subwoofer and its 8-inch driver, it produces even more powerful audio than it does on its own. The two satellite speakers complete the kit and offer the 5.1 surround sound effect.

With this configuration, you can hear everything clearly and loudly, which gives you the impression that you are in the center of the action. The system’s maximum volume is outrageously loud, making it impossible to utilize in my third-floor apartment. Additionally, the bass is really powerful. When viewing an action movie, you can feel the hits even when the volume is set down a few notches, and it gives your favorite songs more intensity when it comes to music.

Speaking of music, despite the Google Home Max being located between my kitchen and living room, I actually found myself turning up the volume on this soundbar fairly frequently. That’s because, in contrast to soundbars I’ve previously had, the MagniFi Max SR delivers music without making it sound slightly off. This option gave me an experience that was as well-balanced for any music, unlike other surround sound soundbars I’ve used that appear to primarily incline toward movies. However, that shouldn’t be too surprising considering that the Max’s smaller brother, which I previously reviewed, found a permanent home on my desk where I listen to music every day.

The system’s built-in Chromecast feature proved quite useful for listening to music. The MagniFi Max SR linked to my home wifi for simple casting of music through Spotify and hundreds of other applications after a brief setup process using the Google Home app. It connects quickly, is simple to use, and performs well. It has also evolved into the focal point of my multi-room audio setup and works excellently for casting audio to a neighboring Google Assistant speaker.

But like I said before, the soundbar’s simplicity in terms of setup is what really wins me over. It functions as a hub for up to three devices and has HDMI ARC for audio, first and foremost. In my case, I connected an Nvidia Shield, an PlayStation 4 Pro , and an A3, with the first two pushing 4K HDR through the soundbar and onto my display. This has been really effective all by itself.

Polks satellite wireless peripherals setup was simple as well. After turning on the soundbar, I just chose a location for the subwoofer in the room, and within a few seconds, it had started looking for a connection and had done so without my intervention. The surround speakers also performed well.

These speakers operate totally independently of the other hardware and don’t require extensive wires for a connection. You only need to plug them in to start using them. It works incredibly well and makes setup much less difficult.

The MagniFi Max SR setup in my flat took no more than 20 minutes in total. The size of the connector on the socket for these satellite speakers is my only complaint. Polk does, however, provide wall-mounting hardware for these speakers, which is noteworthy.

Cables are a breeze with MagniFi Maxs Wireless Satellite Speakers.

I could go into much more detail on the Polk Audio MagniFi Max SR, including the several presets on the remote, the Bluetooth connection for playing music from your phone, and other things. Any of the retailers listed below will sell a Polk Audio MagniFi Max SR for $599 if you want to purchase one for yourself. However, you can save $100 if you can do without the wireless satellite speakers.

POLK AUDIO MAGNIFI MAX SR – PURCHASE: Polk Audio You do, however, have a chance to win one for yourself. We’ve partnered with Polk Audio to award one of our readers a Magnifi Max SR. Simply retweet the tweet that is included below for a chance to win; on November 5th, a winner will be chosen.

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