Review of AMR5: A Powerhouse with Gorgeous Looks

Mini-PCs are typically black, flat, and somewhat square-shaped. It would be difficult to distinguish between them if the logo were removed. However, this AMR5 from AceMagician is completely different. What did you expect from a firm called AceMagician? It has a few tricks up its sleeve in addition to having unique appearance. Let’s have a look at this low-cost mini-PC for gamers, which features top AMD components.

THE UNBOXING When you open the AMR5’s standard box, you’ll find a translucent sheet of paper outlining the mini-three PC’s different power modes (more on this later!). A user guide, a power supply (including power cord), an HDMI cable, and of course the mini-PC itself are all included in the box.

HOW IT LOOKS Its futuristic standing form is certainly intended to appeal to gamers like me.

Advertisement The power button on top is one of the most noticeable features. The on/off button is integrated within what appears to be a sniper scope, but you can also rotate it to choose from three different performance modes:

simple office work or media playback in silent mode a medium mode if you’re using Photoshop or running 80 Chrome tabs at once, for example. a speedy setting for gaming or video editing It’s a brilliant piece of code that essentially uses a physical turn-button to manage the power consumption and fan speed. Although you could set this up on any PC using Windows software, it’s wonderful that they incorporated it. Additionally, the silent mode is probably a little more energy-efficient.

The ARM5 has a black layered block in the middle and two grey hard-plastic slabs on the sides that are definitely designed for cooling. Inside the sides are lights with the options of Breath, Cycle, Rainbow, and off. (The Cycle one is my favorite.) The lighting significantly improves the mood when playing.

Advertisement One thing I’ll say about the appearance is that, to me at least, it almost becomes a character. Despite being the size of my hand, it appears to be a cool device. Although I haven’t given it a name like Wall-E, I have fallen in love with the guy who powers my games (and sometimes working at home). A mini-aesthetics PC’s are a benefit because you place it on top of your desk, which is quite noticeable.

PERFORMANCE I’ve been hesitant to get a mini-PC for gaming since I either expect the performance to be subpar or the price will be far over $1500. However, the AMR5 is far less expensive and has excellent performance. Let’s review the specifications.

It runs on Windows 11 Pro (fully licensed). You can choose between the AMD Rayzen 5 4500U or 5600U version, which powers it. It uses AMD Radeon Graphics for the GPU, which has 7 graphic cores, operates at 1800 MHz, and supports DirectX 12.

Advertisement A 256GB SSD hard drive and 16GB DDR4 memory are available for memory. The RAM memory can be increased to an absurd 64GB. (More memory can be installed in the slots by simply removing the right side of the AMR5, which is kept in place by magnets.) Purchase the 512GB option, or expand to a maximum of 2TB, if you want to expand the hard drive.

If those statistics don’t mean anything to you, allow me to mention that I played Grand Theft Auto V on 1080P settings and it still runs smoothly above 60 frames per second, much like many other games I quickly tried, including Fortnite, World of Warcraft, and Overwatch 2. (I only used one monitor to play.)

Although the AMR5 also features WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2, I rather prefer using cords. There is a standard audio jack, two standard USB connectors, and a USB-C port on the front of the AMR5. There are two additional standard USB ports, a 1Gbps LAN socket, and a power DC plug on the back. With the HDMI and Display Port, both of which support 4K, you can simply set up a dual-screen setup. If you utilize the USB-C port on the front, you can even set up three screens (also supporting 4K).

Advertisement COLDERING AND SOUND The AMR5’s cooling system works fairly well, and this is where the standing design shines. For improved heat transmission, air is drawn in from the front and pushed out the back through copper components.

The AMR5’s internal fans will respond when you exert the maximum amount of pressure on them by blowing more air through the system. It’s not at all noisy, but if you’re like me and keep the mini-PC where you sleep, you might want to occasionally turn down the noise of the fans. For instance, if you want to view a movie or download things to watch later (and you dont need the high performance or energy consumption). The three performance modes that were stated earlier come into play here. It’s excellent that you have an option because it directly influences the equilibrium between cooling and fan noise.

SYNOPSIS ANDAMP; AVAILABILITY It’s not like the AMR5 is the fastest PC money can buy; to get one like that, you’d need to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars. But despite being a mini-PC, it is a really powerful system. And one that looks fantastic, which I’m sure will draw many players, including myself.

Advertisement The AMR5 with a Ryzen 5 5600U/16G RAM 512G ROM costs less than 800 USD on Amazon at the time of writing this post (June 2022), which is a great price. And if you’re a fan of them as I am, follow them on Pinterest, Facebook , Instagram , Twitter , or YouTube .


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