Review: Nomad’s leather case for Google Pixel Buds gives them a sleek, understated appearance.

The superb case for Google’s Pixel Buds, which are fantastic wireless earbuds, is one of their most alluring features. However, if white isn’t your style, Nomad manufactures a leather cover for the Pixel Buds that is absolutely something to think about.

Nomad has a long history of producing top-notch Google product accessories. I’ve been using the company’s Pixel phone cases whenever I use my Pixel 4 XL for the past several months because I’m a major fan of them.

Along those lines, Nomad creates a case using the same components as the Pixel Buds! The quality is the same, but now there’s now a blue color option, which I’ve been using in this review and is shown in the picture. In relation to that color, it should be noted that the blue tint is considerably more noticeable in person and is challenging to photograph.

Let’s address a common misunderstanding: Why would anyone want a case for earbuds? I believe there are a few possible causes, if you ask me.

Simply for purposes of style, adding a case to Pixel Buds is one of the main reasons someone might do so. Although I adore the silky matte white casing on my Pixel Buds, I’m sure that many people would want a black case or one in any other color instead. When you take your Pixel Buds out of your pocket with the Nomads leather case, they appear much more understated.

You may also want a case for your Pixel Buds for this very reason. The other items in your pockets—such as wallets, keys, and other items—are infamous for scratching up earbud casings. My Pixel Buds have accumulated a ton of scratches over the past few months, even though the majority of them are only noticeable in specific lighting conditions due to the matte texture.

This case has been used intermittently for a few months and has become rather well-worn. There are numerous scuffs and dings in the leather from where my keys have repeatedly rubbed it. Scratches on leather appear far better than they do on white plastic, though I don’t think the blue version ages as well as the brown or black versions do.

According to Nomad, this is how the brown case appears after 100 days.

Grip is the last step. The Pixel Buds charging case is quite slick, although this is more of a specialized use case. If you’re worried about that, the Nomad case is much more sticky. To help with this, a lanyard attachment is provided in the box.

Are the $34.95 Nomads leather cases for Pixel Buds worth it in light of these factors? So, I’d say. It has a good appearance, practically fits the case properly, and pays attention to the little things. The charging indication light, for instance, is brought to the front of the case in Nomad using a unique optical light conduit. The button functions well and has no impact whatsoever on how the hinge flips.

There are only two drawbacks in this scenario for me. First of all, it’s pretty close. This indicates that the case simply needs friction to stay in place rather than glue. However, you are unable to remove it on your own. Even a pencil eraser can be used to help force the Buds out, according to Nomads, who describe this on their website.

USB-C is the additional drawback. Certain cables simply won’t fit in that cutout. I myself use wireless charging on my Nomads Base Station , so I wasn’t too bothered by this, but for some folks, it might be a deal-breaker.

Beyond them, I can’t stress how highly I suggest this case! It is offered in the special blue hue stated above for $34.95 in sizes from Nomads site and from the Google Store .

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