Resetting your Pixel Buds Pro

The newest Pixel Buds Pro from Google are loaded with technology, yet occasionally functions like ANC, auto-pause, and even rapid pair suddenly stop working. A straightforward factory reset is the simplest solution to these problems. You may learn how to reset your Google Pixel Buds Pro by following this instruction.

The A-series Pixel Buds’ popular successors are the Pixel Buds Pro . Prior to that, each iteration of the Pixel Buds appeared to fall short. The previous two generations were huge successes that received overwhelmingly positive feedback from a wide range of people, including ourselves.

The new Google earbuds have effective active noise cancellation (ANC) and provide a good user and sound quality experience. The Pixel Buds Pro are an excellent set of earphones all around.

In addition, wonderful features don’t always function as intended. The Pixel Buds Pro earbuds may suddenly cease functioning properly. Though they don’t occur frequently, situations like connection loss are easily possible.

THE PIXEL BUDS PRO RESET Resetting the Pixel Buds Pro to factory default is the simplest remedy for a broken pair. Fortunately, resetting earbuds is simpler than resetting a phone because far less data is lost. After being reset, the setup procedure is very quick and easy to do.

How to reset your Pixel Buds Pro is as follows:

Go to the settings on the device that your Pixel Buds Pro are connected to. Locate the Pixel Buds Pro in the Bluetooth menu and click the settings cog next to it. After that, click Forget. Use a USB-C cable to connect your Pixel Buds Pro. Leave the charging case open after opening it. On the rear, locate the pairing button and press and hold it for 30 seconds. Note: After 30 seconds, the earbud lights should cease blinking. Release your hold after the light stops blinking.

how to reset pixel buds pro

The earphones’ status LEDs will change from orange and white to just white. This indicates that the reset is finished. Naturally, this also means that all connections are reset, so you will need to pair the Pixel Buds Pro again with each device you previously had them connected to.

Just like pairing the Pixel Buds Pro in the first place, resetting them is a simple process. If the earphones quit performing as they should, this is a fantastic workaround. Your next move would be to contact Google support if the Pixel Buds Pro still aren’t functioning properly.

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