Reported joint venture talks between AMD and MediaTek

In the chipmaking industry, rumors have been circulating that AMD and MediaTek are in discussions to establish a joint venture with the goal of creating SoC solutions that integrate Wi-Fi, 5G, and high transmission technologies for notebook applications.

According to insiders at notebook manufacturers, the planned JV is anticipated to strengthen ties between MediaTek, which specializes in wireless connectivity chips, and AMD, which is working to increase its share of the notebook CPU market.

According to the reports, the JV between AMD and MediaTek is anticipated to release its first SoC solution with integrated Wi-Fi, 5G, and high-speed transmission chips in 2024. One of the main components of AMD’s extensively improved notebook processing architecture will be the solution created for fast wireless and wired data transports, according to the sources.

According to the sources, the JV may also sell its SoC solutions to other companies.

According to the sources, AMD will be able to fully comprehend Wi-Fi 6 and associated chip integration designs, as well as the status of the shipping chips and production costs, through its JV with MediaTek. According to the sources, MediaTek will also be able to significantly increase its footprint in the notebook market with its Wi-Fi 6 chip solutions.

In response, AMD stated that it does not comment on market rumors, while MediaTek refuted this.
In 2020, AMD and MediaTek began working together in some capacity; the former used the latter’s Wi-Fi 6 solutions in its notebook chip platform.


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