Reddit has removed its paywall for comments with GIFs.

Many social media platforms have reached the point where some functions require a monthly fee. Despite the possibility that it is ending, this tendency is nothing new on Reddit. Unexpectedly, Reddit plans to make GIF commenting open to all users, not just paid subscribers.

The first barrier, which was installed a few years ago, was created to allow users to support specific subreddits. Users who were devoted to a particular subreddit, for instance, could purchase a Powerup that allowed them access to certain capabilities within that subreddit, such as the ability to upload and stream content in high HD and to remark using GIFs. Despite controversy, individuals started supporting various communities, and as a result, they received specific privileges.

Reddit has revealed that those Powerups are coming to a halt , roughly (via Engadget ). A spokeswoman claimed in a post that certain of the features are too well-liked and ought to be made available to all members, rather than being restricted to the playing public.

Additionally, we’ve determined that combining these features into a subscription offering is neither scalable nor a good fit for the majority of our communities. The huge Powerups widget and the 25 powerups requirement have mainly shown to be hurdles to otherwise popular features, despite the fact that custom emojis and gifs in comments have been fairly popular.

inline GIFs in comments is the first feature to become available to all Reddit users. Any person or community can now comment on posts with GIFs. Since the database is accepted and reviewed, Giphy will host the available GIF collection. For obvious reasons, users won’t be able to add their own.gif files to comments or use the Gboard’s GIF keyboard.

Inline GIFs in comments will be enabled by default for new communities, although this option is still available to the community. Future communities will have to actively activate this functionality.

Reddit will stop all automatically recurring payments for users who are currently using Powerups in certain communities. The features won’t vanish until the billing cycle has ended.

All things considered, GIFs in comments will be a welcomed addition to most groups, especially given that there is no longer a monthly fee associated with it.

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