“Recordings” is replaced by “My Stuff” on fuboTV

A new test that will combine the Recordings tab with My Stuff has recently been released by fuboTV. And it’s not simply a new name either.

You could essentially find everything you’ve recorded on your Cloud DVR under the Recordings tab. You’ll find a lot more than just your recordings with the new My Stuff tab. You can filter all of the programming in your stuff using the content type, scheduled DVR recordings, and shows you’ve added to your stuff.

It adds four more options to the side, making the tab a little more usable. This makes greater use of the available space and ought to improve the user interface as a whole. fewer clicks are required to find items, which is always very helpful.

Advertisement The Added area, which is essentially a favorites section for programming that is available on-demand, will be the largest change here (content that doesnt need to be recorded).

FUBOTV SIGNS A CONTRACT WITH HULU LIVE TV With this modification, it now conforms to what Hulu Live TV has been doing for a time. essentially providing consumers with a central location to access recordings and on-demand content. Users should have a better experience as a result, and it should be simpler to locate entertaining content.

Although the feature has already been made available to some clients, testing is still ongoing. Therefore, this feature may undergo some additional changes in the upcoming weeks. However, according to fuboTV, it will also begin to roll out to additional users in the upcoming weeks.

Advertisement This should make it simpler for fuboTV users to locate all of their favorite content, allowing you to start viewing more quickly. Instead of wasting a lot of time hunting for anything to watch as your food cools off.


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