Recent changes to YouTube render the “Explore” tab largely unnecessary {U: Tweaked}.

The Explore tab will take the place of Hotlist on YouTube Music starting in April 2020. A modest change that is advertised as a new method of accessing Explore more or less eliminates the need for it to be in the bottom bar.

Update 4/25: Highlights of the New Features Apr 2022 overview At the beginning of the month, YouTube Music revealed that it has released the pinned explore shelf to make it simpler for you to locate new music elsewhere if you were having trouble finding something to listen to on your home feed.

We were excited to finally roll out this functionality to more of you after learning during testing that listeners preferred finding new music using the new explore shelf rather than the explore tab.

In recent days, YouTube Music made the tiniest of adjustments by gently tallening each of the three buttons to make tapping easier.

YouTube Music Explore
YouTube Music Explore

Old | New in order

4/8 original The Explore area, which includes connections to New releases, Charts, Moods and genres, has recently been broadly pushed out on YouTube Music for Android and iOS. The sites that these shortcuts lead you to are identical to those that are displayed in the Explore tab’s header.

With the exception of the integrated feed that displays all three sections at once, this gives you the functionality of the Explore tab. The standalone Explore tab was replaced by Shorts in the main YouTube app, which also moved it to the top Home tab carousel.

It’s unclear how many people often use Explore because it’s less tailored than the suggestions that show up in Home. Some people do, however, desire a general trending section where they may peruse what is popular worldwide.

Google’s 9TO5 As long as people still want the core functionality, YouTube Music could easily do away with the dedicated Explore tab. As a result, the bottom bar now has room for a new section.

Given how YouTube itself is preparing for a major push, a Podcasts tab would make a lot of sense, according to the institutional tea leaves. A entirely dedicated tab for audio shows should eliminate the need for podcasts to ever appear on the main Home/music page, which is a major criticism of Spotify’s implementation.

While we haven’t seen any significant evidence that podcasts will indeed be added to YouTube Music, we have seen a small indication in the addition (last month) of strings that indicate playback speed controls are being developed for the app. Although the standard YouTube client has that feature, it is not appropriate for the songs in YouTube Music. It is the minimal minimum for a podcast player and does work for lengthier audio segments. A development on this front sooner rather than later would be ideal.

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