Recent changes to Android Auto alter how music apps look.

A few improvements to Google’s Android Auto platform were recently released, and they included changes to the media and music apps. Here are the changes.

To maintain a sense of uniformity for customers, all music apps on the Android Auto platform use the same fundamental design. There includes a home page with suggestions and recently played songs, as well as tabs for the app’s playlists, library, and other essential features.

The Now Playing panel also shares a common fundamental design across apps, and there is a shortcut to it in the corner. There are buttons for playing and pausing music, skipping tracks, and a variety of other features, including repeat, favorite, shuffle, and others that vary depending on the app being used. For instance, compared to normal music apps, podcast apps typically have a different layout. Depending on the audio or video being played, the buttons may also change. Additionally, album art is always displayed alongside the song title and artist, and it is also occasionally used in the backdrop in a blurred version.

Spotify, YouTube Music, and more apps use the same UI.

But it’s now undergoing a small redesign. The Now Playing panel has seen a modest facelift in Android Auto 7.9, which is presently in beta, similar to spotted on Reddit earlier this week.

Instead of a progress bar encircling the play/pause button, there is now a separate progress bar that takes up most of the screen’s width. It’s a simple design that we would like to see gradually extend to more consumers.

android auto music apps progress bar
Image: Aa2

Additionally, Google recently added made a slight tweak to the Now Playing screen on larger monitors. On these larger televisions, the blurred background no longer glitches and really fills the entire width of the screen. Although the exact software version in which this change was implemented is unknown, Android Auto 7.8 seems to be a good guess.

android auto music apps blur
Image: Aa4

However, these aren’t the only changes Google is making to the Android Auto interface.

The Android Auto platform has undergone a complete revamp, which includes greater multitasking and adapts to additional car displays, as the firm previously stated at Google I/O. Although the revamp has not yet gone online, it shouldn’t be too long.

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