Receive A $25 Gift Card When You Buy Meta Quest 2!

The Meta Quest 2 isn’t technically on sale on Prime Day. As an alternative, Amazon will include a $25 gift card with your order. Therefore, you receive a free $25 gift card when you pay $299 (for the 128GB model), which isn’t too bad.

The price of the 256GB model, which remains at $399, has been increased by $25 in gift cards.

One of the best VR headsets available right now is the Meta Quest 2, formerly known as the Oculus Quest 2. It is also among the least expensive, which has increased its appeal greatly. Because Facebook (now renamed Meta) owns Oculus, some individuals are not interested in it. However, the Meta Quest 2 no longer requires you to check in using your Facebook account. Which ought to increase some people’s desire for it.

Advertisement All kinds of VR games can be played with the Quest 2. include a lot of exercise games. so that you can exercise while playing video games. You can view a ton of movies and TV shows in VR right here. In terms of entertainment, Meta now has over 250 items in its collection, and that number is rising. Additionally, you can socialize with others in VR, which is kind of nice.

The headset and both controllers are included with the Quest 2, enabling it to more accurately track your hand motions. making it appear more plausible.

Even though the 256GB model costs $100 extra, if you want to play a lot of games on your Meta Quest 2, we certainly suggest splashing out on it. But after you’ve bought it, you can’t increase storage. So rather than running out of space, acquire more.

Advertisement The Meta Quest 2 is currently available for purchase on Amazon by clicking here . You should act quickly with this one because the sale won’t last long.

Meta Quest 2 – Amazon


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