Razer Unveils Two Vibrant New Enki Pro Models

Two updated variants of Razer’s Enki Pro gaming chair were released today. Both versions are limited editions of the original and have the same characteristics. They do, however, all have distinctive designs that set them apart from the model Razer introduced earlier this year. Each of these new special edition editions has a bright new appearance, which is the first and most obvious alteration.

Both chairs have logos on them. With the introduction of a Koenigsegg Edition and a Williams Esports Edition by Razer. Particularly, the Koenigsegg Edition features the distinctive Koenigsegg Heliodor Yellow. In contrast, the Williams Esports Edition is offered in light blue. Both appeal to automotive fanatics, but each is also narrowing the scope of who they serve. According to Razer, the Koenigsegg Edition is designed for fans of sports cars, while the Williams Esports Edition is the ideal gaming chair for F1 Motorsport fans.


Razer Enki Pro Special Edition Gaming Chair 4
Razer Enki Pro Special Edition Gaming Chair 1
Razer Enki Pro Special Edition Gaming Chair 2

Although Razer hasn’t made many changes to these new Enki Pro models, the price has increased. The standard black and green Enki Pro is already fairly expensive. selling for $999. However, upgrading to one of the special edition options will cost you an additional $300 because both of the new versions are priced at for $1,299 . Which, to be honest, is a steep price to pay for the extra advantage of a themed design.

Advertisement Having said that, if you adore any of the two brands, the price rise might be completely justified to you. Not to mention the additional advantage of having a chair that is more colorful. If you’d prefer that.

Razer.com will be the only place to purchase the Enki Pro Williams Esports Edition and Enki Pro Koenigsegg Edition. So, as you might have guessed, you can only purchase them via Razers’ website. However, the black and green Enki Pro is not only available on Razer.com.

All of the same outstanding features, such as the magnetic head pillow, built-in lumbar support, and reactive seat tilt with 152-degree recline, will be included in these two new Enki Pro chairs.

Commercial Razer Enki Pro Koenigsegg Edition
Razer Enki Pro Williams Esports Edition


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