Push-to-talk for Google Meet now has a shortcut for unmuting the speaker.

You can unmute yourself when using Google Meet by pressing and holding the space bar.

Some folks may rather be muted throughout a call and manually unmute when they need to speak. Holding down the space bar will soon enable unmuting in Google Meet online. You’ll be put back in the muted condition when you let off of the key.

According to Google, this will also be useful when you unmute yourself accidentally and then forget to mute yourself again. By default, the space bar shortcut will be disabled and needs to be manually turned on in Google Meet settings.

In the coming weeks, it will be accessible to all Workspace users and those with personal Google Accounts across all web browsers. The rollout began today.

Earlier this month , Google Meet made it possible to choose between mute and unmute utilizing speaker mics, headsets, and other USB peripherals. LED color changes will indicate the present situation, and Google wants to provide hardware-based muting of video, terminating of meetings, and other functions in the future. Only Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers enable this.

Google Series One

To prevent accidental activation of Assistant during calls, Google this week modified specialized Meet hardware devices such that hotword detection would only be enabled when a device is not in a meeting and within 10 minutes of an approaching meeting.

But because more teams are switching to hybrid meetings, our customers have reported that the Hey Google control sometimes inadvertently activates during meetings. We anticipate that this enhancement will lessen any unintentional interruptions to your calls.

The Logitech Rally Bar, Logitech Rally Bar Mini, and the Series One Desk 27 will all soon support Hey Google voice control.
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