PS VR2 Will Launch Early in 2017

Although a release date for the PS VR2 has officially been guaranteed for next year, it may not be in your neighborhood anytime soon. A general release window for the future PS VR2 was revealed on August 22 by Sony’s PlayStation France Instagram account (and now the PlayStation US account ). According to the business, the headset will be available in early 2023. Sony hasn’t revealed much more than that, though. The debut date for the PS VR2 is currently unknown. Sony hasn’t even revealed the release month yet.

Therefore, it can appear at any moment between January and April. Sony had already revealed quite a deal of information regarding the headgear before yesterday’s announcement. It provided a breakdown of some of the PS VR2’s key features in February of this year. while also outlining the choices made to modify the design. This included updated controllers with cutting-edge capabilities like DualSense technology from Sony.

Early in 2023, THE PS VR2 WILL BE RELEASED. There is no set release date inside the 2023 window, as was previously announced. However, early 2023 suggests that the start of the year won’t be too far away. In reality, the middle of the year is anything after the first of May. Customers who are interested in purchasing one of the headsets may thus be able to do so within the first four months. That also assumes that Sony doesn’t begin taking pre-orders prior to that time. enabling you to reserve your unit well before the scheduled release.

Advertisement Sony conducted pre-orders for the PS5 months in advance. Therefore, there is a likelihood that pre-orders for the PS VR2 will also be placed far in advance.

Having said that, the price is still unknown. You shouldn’t anticipate it to be any less impressive than the first PS VR headset, though, given the improvements and new features. In fact, with the increased technology and features, it might end up being a little bit more. Sony has disclosed that the PS VR2 will have a 20-game launch catalog in addition to features and specifications. Which means that as soon as you get one, you should have lots of games to play.


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