Prime Day Deal: Get Ready For The Nothing Phone (1) With Nothing’s Earbuds

It will please those of you who are anticipating the introduction of the Nothing Phone (1) later today to see that the company’s earbuds are currently on sale. As part of Prime Day, nothings truly wireless earbuds are discounted .

For Prime Day, THE NOTHING EAR (1) EARBUDS ARE NOW ON SALE AND ONLY COST $79.20. We’re referring to the genuinely wireless Nothing ear (1) earphones, which were released last year. They typically cost $99, but with this deal, you can have them for just $79.20. You will receive a 20 percent discount and will save $19.80.

This offer includes both the white and the black versions, and both have the same price tags. These earbuds have a distinctive design. Nothing is now recognized for; they are transparent. Even the container they arrive in is clear.

Advertisement The silicone tips that are included with these earbuds seal them within your ears. They sound great and are also quite comfy.

They have a 34-hour playtime rating when used with the charging case before you need to plug them in. Both devices can be charged wirelessly with a Qi-compatible charger or with a Type-C cable.

A 11.6 MM DRIVER IS INCLUDED, AND BLUETOOTH 5.2 IS SUPPORTED. Here, Bluetooth 5.2 is supported, and they have 11.6mm internal drivers. Along with other things, they provide active noise cancellation.

Advertisement It’s unfortunate that the Nothing Phone (1) won’t be formally sold in the US. However, if you want to purchase the Nothing Phone (1), these earbuds will work beautifully with it.

On the other hand, regardless of the Nothing Phone, you might want to purchase the Nothing ear (1) earphones simply because you enjoy their appearance (1). Follow the URL provided below if you’re interested. It will direct you to their Amazon listing.

Nothing ear (1) – Amazon


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