Prepare Your Smart TV To Watch YouTube Shorts

Recent growth in the popularity of YouTube Shorts has encouraged the corporation to devote more time and effort to the platform. Although you can’t now see such vertical content slices on your TV, that is about to change. You will soon be able to watch YouTube Shorts on your smart TV, claims Protocol .

TikTok-like videos tend to elicit strong emotions from people, either love them or hate them. Regardless, the business was pleased to note that earlier this year, Shorts exceeded 30 billion daily views. Any way you look at it, that’s a lot, and the business wants to keep on winning.

ON YOUR SMART TV, YOU WILL BE ABLE TO WATCH YOUTUBE SHORTS Since YouTube Shorts was introduced, neither the TV app nor the ability to cast the short movies to other devices has existed. You can only view them on your phone, according to this. They are designed to be viewed on cellphones, so that makes sense.

Advertisement However, YouTube still intends to make Shorts available on your smart TV. YouTube participated in a Google internal partner event about the company’s TV platforms, Google TV and Android TV. At the presentation, YouTube made it clear that it plans to enable Shorts streaming in its TV app. The business created a presentation slide that depicts how it will look on TV.

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There will surely be a lot of empty space when a vertical video is displayed on a landscape screen, but YouTube made use of some of it. The video is prominently displayed. The Like/Dislike buttons are to the right of it, and a three-dot button is next to them. If the Short includes music, you will also see the name of the song, the title of the video, and the channel name above those.

Advertisement If you want to watch shorts on your TV, keep a look out for this upgrade to the app, which is coming over the next several months.


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