Pre-orders for Sony’s DualSense Edge Controller start on October 25.

The pre-order and delivery dates for the highly customisable PS5 wireless controller that Sony revealed back in August have officially been announced.

Sony’s high-performance controller, the DualSense Edge (Opens in a new window) , was created with “personalization in mind.” Both software and hardware can be customized. The stick caps and back buttons can be readily changed, while the analog stick modules are replaceable. Using the on-controller user interface, you can also manually adjust the left and right triggers’ travel distances, fine-tune stick sensitivity, and fast switch between pre-set control profiles.

In the US, UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg, pre-orders for the DualSense Edge and replacement stick modules will begin at aa2. Pre-orders can only be made through (Opens in a new window) , and Sony advises that because there is a limited supply, pre-orders may fill up rapidly. The controller will then go on sale for $199.99 across the globe on January 26. The interchangeable stick modules will also be available on January 26 for $19.99.


Along with the wireless controller, Sony supplies a USB braided cable, two sets of each of the following: Standard caps, High dome caps, Low dome caps, Half dome back buttons, and Lever back buttons. In addition, there is a traveling case with compartments for all the caps and buttons, as well as a connector housing.

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