Practical: 1MORE For $99, SonoFlow LDAC offers a 50-hour battery and multi-point.

With its first set of over-ear headphones, 1More has achieved a major milestone. With their exceptional battery life and use of the LDAC codec, the new SonoFlow headphones let you listen for hours on end.

The 1More Comfobuds small and EVOs are some of our favorite earbuds, and 1More has been around the block a few times. The business is now prepared to distribute a new set of cans with a few cunning plans in mind.

In a market flooded with wireless earbuds, you don’t often see the 1More SonoFlow headphones. In light of this, these new headphones attempt to provide Hi-Res audio with a large battery to support it, something that many earbuds can’t do.

The new 1More headphones have a sizable battery inside that promises over 70 hours of listening time without using ANC. With ANC, you can still obtain 50 hours or so of playback time with a 1:1 minute-to-hour charging rate, which translates to five minutes of charging time for five hours of playback.

A 3.5mm connection for inline listening is provided by 1More in case you manage to drain the SonoFlows’ battery life.

A pair of 40mm dynamic drivers with a diamond-like composite diaphragm are powered by that enormous battery and are intended to contribute to deep bass that doesn’t drown out the mids and highs as some headphones can. There is a distinct contrast between the low and high frequencies in our brief testing of the 1More SonoFlow headphones, with neither overlapping the other. Providing you switch on LDAC, that is.

The SonoFlow headphones have large drivers as well as the ability to receive LDAC audio. The LDAC codec, which transmits multiple times more data than the default SBC codec, is one of the better codecs you may employ using the Bluetooth 5.0 technology these headphones support. Before you can expect to hear good audio in the 1More app, LDAC must be enabled. The entire sound profile sounds extremely nice for the price when it is turned on.

These don’t have many distinguishing characteristics. If you wish to use these in the office with numerous phones or tablets, they do feature rudimentary multi-point networking for listening on many Android devices simultaneously.

Using the SonoFlow headphones from 1More, I discovered that ANC affects the sound itself. The noise cancellation feature, which typically causes some audio distortion, is what always affects sound quality in many of the headphones and earbuds we’ve evaluated. There is no audible distortion with what 1More calls QuietMax Intelligent Noise Cancellation, as far as I can detect. Having said that, the ANC works well and effectively blocks off most of the outside world.

The build quality is the one item we would have a complaint about. The SonoFlow headphones are made of stiff-feeling plastic. They do, however, fold up conveniently and fit into a supplied carrying case for travel. They are generally comfortable in short durations, while extremely extended sessions may not be as comfy.

Overall, the 1More SonoFlow headphones handle audio reasonably well with the extra benefit of LDAC and a sizable battery to support it. The new headphones are available on Amazon for $99 With an Amazon voucher, the first month is $79 just.

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