PM Modi travels to New York to speak at the 76th UNGA meeting –

The Prime Minister arrived in New York on Saturday to give a speech to the United Nations General Assembly’s 76th session, which was held virtually the previous year owing to the COVID-19 epidemic.

After holding his first bilateral meeting with the US President in the Oval Office of the White House on Friday and attending his first in-person Quad summit, Modi took a flight from Washington to New York.

The prime minister attended the Quad Leaders conference that was held by US President Biden in the US capital, together with his counterparts Scott Morrison of Australia and Yoshihide Suga of Japan.

arrived in New York. On April 25, the prime minister announced in a tweet that he will be speaking to the U part wigs at 6:30 PM (IST).

On Saturday, Modi will speak during the General Debate of the 76th session of the UN General Assembly (UNGA). Building Resilience through Hope is the theme of this year’s General Debate, which aims to revitalize the UN, rebuild sustainably, address the needs of the earth, and recover from COVID-19.

About 109 heads of state and government will address the General Debate in person, according to the second provisional list of speakers for the General Assembly, and about 60 will make speeches through pre-recorded video comments.

Modi spoke before the UN General Assembly for the final time in 2019. Since the coronavirus pandemic prevented heads of state and government from physically attending the annual meeting, they submitted pre-recorded video comments for the United Nations General Assembly session in September.

It was the first time the high-level session has been held virtually in the UN’s 75-year history. Since the pandemic continues to spread throughout many countries worldwide, the option has been left open for world leaders to send in pre-recorded statements this year as well.

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