Pixel Buds Pro Pre-Orders Are Now Available

The new Pixel Buds Pro are now also available for pre-order in addition to the Pixel 6a, which went on sale today. It will also go on sale starting next week, on July 28, just like the Pixel 6a did.

Google has four color options for the Pixel Buds Pro this year: Coral, Fog, Charcoal, and Lemongrass.

This is Google’s first professional set of completely wireless earphones. With Silent Seal, they provide active noise cancellation. This makes it possible for you to wear them and block out everything around you. For the many of us still using Zoom calls, this can be quite helpful. You can hear some of what is going on around you with the help of Transparency Mode. If you’re wearing them while strolling down the street, this is advantageous.

Advertisement Of course, having Google Assistant in your ear is a given with these being Pixel Buds. And wireless charging is suddenly a thing.

The Pixel Buds Pro will last 31 hours of playback with the supplied charging case. Or roughly 11 hours, which is still a really outstanding amount of time.

MOST EXPENSIVE EARBUDS FROM GOOGLE SO FAR These are currently Google’s priciest earphones. They retail for $199, but you can purchase them via the Google Store for $33.33 every month. That’s still reasonable for a pair of professional fully wireless earbuds. Since some are significantly more expensive from Sony and others.

Advertisement This will function best with a Pixel and will make a really fantastic companion if you plan to get the Google Pixel 6a. However, they also function with any Bluetooth device, including any other Android or iPhone smartphone.

By clicking the link below, you can purchase the Google Pixel Buds Pro from the Google Store. Recall that pre-orders begin shipping the next week. So place your purchase now to avoid a delay.

Pixel Buds Pro – Google Store


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