Performance concerns with Waze on Android Auto and CarPlay are apparent.

Waze, Google’s other navigation software, is a fantastic tool for staying informed about your journey, but for some users recently, the app has experienced latency on Android Auto and CarPlay.

Many Waze users are reporting latency issues with CarPlay and Android Auto, according to two trending support threads on Googles forums and Wazes own forums .

The current issue appears to be with the app’s inability to keep up with touch input and display refreshes. After only a few minutes, the program begins to stutter and have other problems, whether there is active navigation or not. The location displayed on the display may occasionally be inaccurate and place the automobile at a different location. According to certain customers, Waze kills the CarPlay platform, however the problems go away as soon as Waze is turned off.

Users using CarPlay appear to be the source of the majority of these reports, but Android Auto also seems to be impacted.

The good news is that other mapping programs are unaffected, however the exact cause is unknown. If this problem affects you, you can still use Google Maps or Apple Maps.

A Waze developer has received an internal problem report, according to a Product Expert on Google’s forums, but neither platform has a specific release date for a repair.

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